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How fast will an Oscar grow?
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Q: I am thinking about getting into Oscars. My question is at what rate can I expect them to grow. The fish at the pet store now are approx. 2in long. What can I expect in a year. Thank you.

A: The Oscar grows very fast when well fed, I have heard of a rate of up to one inch per month! They can be kept in a community tank with fish larger that itself until they reach several inches in length. Speaking of tanks you will need at least a 55 gallon to keep them happy with powerful filtration. A medium size Oscar will drop feces pellets all over the bottom of the tank. They more you feed the more mess they will make and boy can they eat. An Oscar of say 6" to 10" size can swallow a dozen goldfish feeders in one setting and the larger it gets, the more its appetite grows.

On the plus side for Oscars, They are a very pleasing fish to watch, swimming back and forth in the aquarium. I also believe they are one of the smartest fish available to hobbyist as anyone who ever has kept them will tell you they are very quick to pickup on their owners as the hand that feeds them and getting very excited when you approach. Oscars in the home aquarium can reach a length of 14 inches.


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