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Cloudy water, fish are dying.
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Q: I have a 3 week old tank with 5 neons a couple other tetras, and 2 white clouds. The water has suddenly turned a little dirty with white suspended stuff that looks like it could be TINY bubbles. The pH is 7.0 and the ammonia is 1.0 or less. It is a 10 g tank with some live plants and a corner filter. There are also sticky things on one of the side of the tank that are very tiny and could be either algae or (Is it possible?) eggs of some kind? HELP! I've already lost a neon and 2 swordtails in three weeks!

A: Given the age of your tank and the high Ammonia level, I would say that you are still in the middle of your tank cycle, see FAQ1 for a complete explanation. A tank in mid cycle will go through a Bacterial bloom and it can turn your water cloudy. Additionally any residual dust, etc., from your gravel still can be precipitating into your water. The suspended stuff could very well be bubbles as different respiratory gases can be forming. For now I would do a 25% water change and not add any more fish until the cycle finishes and you water stabilizes. Any good LFS will do free water test for you.


timeframe to cycle a ish tank





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