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Maintaing Ph in a marine aquarium.
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Q: Well, I've had my saltwater tank for about 3 or 4 months now, and I'm wondering how to raise the pH value of my tank. It's sitting at about 7.5 right now and I know it has to go higher how do I go about doing this?

A: As you know Saltwater fish require a higher pH than Freshwater. The pH in a Saltwater tank is maintained most commonly by three ways.

  • The gravel or substrate. It should be calciferous in make up meaning Calcium based, usually in the form of crushed coral.
  • The salt mix itself contains buffers to regulate the pH of your tap water.
  • The addition of Calcium "buffers" to maintain pH.

I suspect your tap water is very low in Carbonate hardness and the buffers in the salt mix and the substrate are not capable of raising or maintaining your pH level. I would test your Carbonate and total hardness and add the appropriate amount of Calcium buffer to bring it up to a level where your water will stabilize. Your local pet store should be able test this and suggest a product that will work. Be sure to follow all directions carefully.


coral and substrate used as a buffer
Coral and substrate is used as a buffer.





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