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What's a good mid-level swimming fish?
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Q: I've got a 29 gallon aquarium with 6 serpae tetra and 2 large Pink Kissing Gourami, pH 6.5. The tetras swim close to the bottom, and the Gouramis stay near the top. What's a good mid-level medium sized fish that I can get? The temperature is 78 degrees.

A: Many of the Tetras and Barbs will inhabit all areas of the aquarium. One of my favorites is the Harlequin Rasbora.


He is a very peaceful and beautiful fish that likes to school. And will make a great addition to any community tank. For more information on other mid swimming and community fish, please visit the Fish chart page. Just so you know your tank is much too small to keep kissing fish in.


a huge kissing fish
This Kisser is over a foot!





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