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Does the aquarium light affect the acclimation period for fish?
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Q: I just started a 10 gallon community tank with 2 Black skirt tetras and 3 black neons, I have it at about 75-76 degrees. It also has a fluorescent light. When the light is off, they swim around happy as "clams", but when its on they migrate to the bottom or corners and are fairly still, they also don't seem to feed actively. I just got them yesterday and understand there is probably an adjustment period but what about the light? Any advice?

A: I think you answered your own question. Like us when we're placed in an unfamiliar environment we tend to be "shy" until we get use to our new "home". They are more active when the lights are off because the subdued lighting gives them a sense of security. Give your fish the time needed and they will be swimming like they always lived there.


Your comments:

From: Ben Gdansk
Date: 07/15/2001
The Tetras from this question naturally come from the Amazon where it is mostly dark and tetras seem to enjoy that my advice is to get a low level light for them to get used to and after a while place the light you have with it. Some more advice is to get large decorations for them to hide in, i.e. dense plant life or large, stacked rocks (my personal favorite).

From: Phil
Date: 08/07/2001
When I got my angelfish he hid when the light was on and even refused food. After a few weeks he became bolder and soon was terrorizing the tetras night and day.

From: Gemma Carter
Date: 04/07/2002
I have a 9 gallon tank, and I begun it about a month ago with 6 black tetras and 5 neon tetras. I have found out that they like to hide at the back of the tank behind the plants when I watch them - they don't seem to like sudden movements. The Neons seem to be a bit more courageous, and venture out a lot when I watch. And the same thing happens in my tank when the lights go off-madness! They have a habit of swimming very fast straight-on into the gravel!





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