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What is the average temperature an aquarium should be kept at?
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Q: All I want to know what is the average temperature of a tropical aquarium should be kept at??

A: This simple sounding question actually has many variables and no correct answer. The fish we keep come from all corners of the world and temperatures vary accordingly. The White cloud prefers cool water in the sixties and the Discus and Uaru like theirs in the middle to upper eighties. Most fish will also initiate spawning when the temperature is raised according to the seasonal swings that occur in their native homeland. Even near the Equator there are seasons which will influence the temperature of the water. My suggestion would to decide the kinds of fish you desire to keep and then do some research on the conditions needed to keep them happy and healthy.


Your comments:

From: jtag
The fish must go on an acclimation process. You can't just dump 'em in there from the store. 1) hold your bag of fish and put it in the water with the fish still in it. Let it kinda float. This would help in adjusting with the temperature. 2) open the bag a bit, and then add some aquarium water in it until it is almost full, but don't fill it to the point where the bag will sink, and make sure the ratio of the "bag water" is still greater than the "aquarium water" 3) then dump out 25% of the water in the bag, then fill it again with new "aquarium water". repeat this again with 50% and 75% increments. 4) when it is already 100%, you can now slowly put your new fish into the aquarium. Patience is key my friend!

From: Michele
I live in Southern Spain and have found that the tropical fish sold here are used to much higher temperatures than the supposed 'ideal' for them. I used to live in Ireland and my tank was always kept at a constant 24C, but here in Spain in summer, the temperature sometimes goes as high as 32 degrees within my tanks, without any problems amongst my fish, and I've kept all kinds.

From: Big Doug
Easy question asking for easy answer. Sure it depends on the fish, but in general 76 - 78 degrees will be fine.






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