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Why has my water turned cloudy?
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Q: I set up my 30 gal tank about one month ago and it has always had a cloudy tinge to it two days ago I put in some "clear water" stuff and it turned yellow (I think I put too much in). I replaced about 10 percent of the water yesterday to dilute the "clear water" stuff didn't help. So earlier this afternoon I replaced about 25 percent and so far it is still cloudy. I have Angels and tetras in the tank and they seem to be doing fine, no diseases, they are eating well. I also know I am not feeding them too much I have really watched that. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A: Cloudy water in a newly set up tank is not uncommon. And can be caused by a few things. The first one is the gravel which even though it gets washed there are extremely fine particles left that get into suspension and take awhile to filter out. Bacterial bloom is another cause and it probably what's causing your water to be cloudy, your tank is most likely not through its cycle and the bacteria that are establishing themselves are having a grand time in converting the waste products into less harmful ones. Another cause could be overfeeding which again will provide ample extra nutrients for your bacteria. I would keep up or increase your water change and lessen up on the food for awhile and let the Bacteria die off on its own, with less food available to them the will strike a balance and your water should clear


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