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This section will consist of various articles written by you, the readers. They will contain information dealing with a wide range of subjects. I believe this will be an informative as well as very useful addition to the site. Newer articles will be at the top. If you have an article or wish to write one please Email me with the details. These articles do not necessarily represent the opinions of the badman. All articles become the property of the site and proper credit will be given to the author. They are divided into the following sections, click to go there.



Fish profiles or aquatic related articles. If I use your profile or article on the site I will send you a "Badman's" tee shirt as a thank you. please contact me for details



Tank management
Article name
Ten Gallon Stocking Suggestion.
Susan McClure
The Ten Gallon Tank: Perfect for Beginners?
Susan McClure, a.k.a. kcgirl81
The importance of filter media.
Carlos Coe
Choosing Substrate for Your Aquarium.
Annette Paulsen
KH, GH and pH in the home aquarium a simplified explanation.
Karen Cryan
So you think you want a fish tank?
Robin Richardson
I want to change my substrate, how?
Texas Dawn
Quarantine and hospital tanks
Size Matters.True Tank Volume
Bunny Oshinsky
Beginners Manual to Fish Keeping
April Lynn
Brackish Water Aquariums
Ken Tweddle
The great salt myth
Fish who enjoy a taller tank?
The Importance of Regular Water Changes
Craig Morrison
Fishless Cycling
Curt Lemrick
Moving day.
Worms in my tank?!
Cecilia Chen, A.K.A. Pandora
To Salt or Not to Salt
Cecilia Chen, A.K.A. Pandora
The Beginner's Stocking Thread
Compilation from message board
How large an aquarium can my floor support.
Kevin Bauman
Moving day for an Aquarium
Compiled by Redfish01 (Tom)
Ten Common Beginner Mistakes
Holly Harrington
Equipment and Supplies: One Hobbyist's View.......
Holly Harrington
CO2 Overview
Holly Harrington
Algae - Explained.



Article name
Internet and Aquarium-Related Acronyms
Cecilia Chen, A.K.A. Pandora
Importing Tropical Fish.
Randy Carey
Are you a Fish Haver or a Fish Keeper?
Cecilia Chen, A.K.A. Pandora
Tropical Tank Madness!
A beginners guide to breeding angelfish
Michael Bryant
Our Aquarium: How it all began
Mary Duros
Training a fish?
Susan McClure, a.k.a. kcgirl81


Fish / invertebrate species
Article name
Lifespans of over 150 tropical fish and inverts.
Bunny Oshinsky
Housing Monsters, keeping large aquarium fish.
Karen Cryan
My First Tanganyikan set-up
Charlie Hatcher
Breeding Hypancistrus Zebra.
Kevin Korotev
Caring for betta splendens
Breeeding bettas
Painted Glass Fish and Other Questionable Practices
Cecilia Chen, A.K.A. Pandora
Temperature, tanks and young gupps
Chris McKay
African cichlids: the mbuna!
Low Budget Discus
Flower Horn Fish in General
Plight of the Betta
Eleanor Warren
Crayfish care
Susan McClure
Your First Cichlid Aquarium
Jesse Taylor
Basic Seahorse Keeping
Mike DiFIlippo (Fishyman)
Marisa cornurieties and planorbidae ramshorn snails
Compiled by Debra
Keeping Betta Splendens
Emily Hilgenberg
So you're considering getting an algae-eating critter for your tank?
Holly Harrington
Why You Should Consider a Malawi Peacock Tank
Holly Harrington
About the Clown Knife Fish
Tracey, at  World Cichlids Online  web site.
About Geophagus Surinamensis
Tracey, at  World Cichlids Online  web site.
About the Tiretrack Eel
Tracey, at  World Cichlids Online  web site.


Do it yourself (DIY)
Article name
DIY lighting upgrade.
Fix that leaky tank.
Tools for Working with Acrylic
Aquatic Clubs and Associations
Compiled by Sully
Building a DIY Background for your aquarium
Rick "Jaster" Cooper


Article name
Bugs in my tank, Micro Photography identification




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