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I mentioned the term "Biotope" aquarium in the opening page of this site, on this page I will attempt to give a better definition of the term and offer a few examples of set ups you might want to try. For statistics on many individual fish, click on any fish picture. To view a list of plants suitable for the home Aquaria visit the Plant statistics page.

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Why Biotope?

There are many good reasons for setting up an aquarium that tries to simulate the natural habitat of fishes. The foremost is probably from an ecological viewpoint. With the destruction of the tropical rain-forests worldwide it is important to preserve the native surroundings of our fish before they disappear forever.

Tropical fish interacting in their natural waters are completely different than the community set up we are all use to. This leads to the second reason, with all the advances in aquatic technology maintaining such a tank is now easier than ever and obtaining the proper species whether fish or plants is usually not difficult either.

Another reason is just for the challenge. Most of us at one time or another get bored and start to look for something new, why not try a Biotope? There is already a growing following in the "mini reef" field with some specializing in specific sections of reefs. We can do the same with fresh water! Please note that the stocking levels suggested here are on the high side and infer a regular maintenance routine and excellent management habits, Badman's always encourages you to research your fish and their needs before purchasing them and list these set up as guidelines only.

For specific questions regarding fish and plant species a great resource is the sites
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South American Root Biotope.

A tank for Black water South American fish.
South America

Southeastern Asian Lowland Still Water.

A tank for slower moving fish.

Black Water Aquaria for Southeast Asian Fish.

A tank for the more experienced hobbyist, as the fish are sensitive to water quality.

Lowland Swamps of West Africa.

A tank for the lesser known species of fish, that deserve more attention. A rich tropical environment.

Slow moving or stagnant backwaters of Argentina

A setup for a wide variety of plants, fish and invertebrates.
South America

Australia or Papua New Guinea River

A Species setup Designed to highlight the Beautiful Rainbowfish of the area
AustraliaNew Guinea


These are only a few examples of tanks you can try, Biotope aquaria are only limited by your research and wallet and can range from the most remote areas of the world to the ponds right in your backyard. Try one!





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