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On this page I will give an example of a set up you might want to try. For statistics on many individual fish, click on any fish picture. To view a list of plants suitable for the home Aquaria visit the Plant Statistics page.

South America

South American Root Biotope.

    A tank for larger, BlackWater South American fish.

Flooded forest
Typical flooded forest
Photo by: Leo Newman.

Silver hatchet
Silver Hatchet



    Seventy-five gallon or larger, with a taller tank being better.
    Spread a layer of fine grain sand or gravel about one half to one inch deep over the entire bottom. Place driftwood and bog roots throughout the tank leaving some open swimming area. You want to create many spacious shelters. No plants in this setup!
    Have only slight water circulation, and a single warm white fluorescent tube for light, this is for calm fish.
Water requirements.
    Use Peat filtered water or treat with an Amazon Black Water supplement. pH should be kept low, below six with a Carbonate hardness of less than 4dCH and a total hardness of not over 8dH. Water temperature in the range of the low eighties.
    Four to six Angelfish, Discus or the Uaru, a large school of the top dwelling Hatchet fish and some of the armored catfish. This is a great setup.







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