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On this page I will give an example of a set up you might want to try. For statistics on many individual fish, click on any fish picture. To view a list of plants suitable for the home Aquaria visit the Plant Statistics page.


Black Water Aquaria for Southeast Asian Fish

    A tank for the more experienced hobbyist, as the fish are sensitive to water quality.

Allepey backwater, India
Photo by: Raj Sivarajan

Harlequin Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Nuphar Japonicum
Nuphar Japonicum


    A fifty-five gallon or seventy-five gallon the longer the better.
    The bottom substrate should be fine textured and dark, to a depth of at least two inches. A substrate fertilizer should also be added. Provide pipe-shaped hiding places made up of pieces of hollowed out Bamboo cane about three or four inches long. Place driftwood and bog roots in the back with some of them reaching the tank surface. Here are some native plant suggestions:

  • Cryptocoryne wendtii
  • Cryptooryne nevillii
  • Pista stratiotes
  • Hygrophila polysperma
  • Nuphar japonicum
  • Ceratopteris thalictroides

    This setup also needs only slight water movement from one end to the other. It should have moderate lighting and two fluorescent tubes will be fine.
Water requirements
    pH of 5.5 to 6.5 with a Carbonate Hardness of 4dCH and a total hardness of 8dH, water temperature in the upper seventies to low eighties.
    A large school of twenty-five or more Danios maybe from the family Rasbora, with Rasbora Heteromorrpha being one of the favorites. Six to eight of the highly prized Clown Loaches and a couple of pairs of the Pearl Gouramis. This is a lively tank!

Danio roseus
Danio roseus.




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