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On this page I will give an example of a set up you might want to try. For statistics on many individual fish, click on any fish picture. To view a list of plants suitable for the home Aquaria visit the Plant Statistics page.

South America

Slow moving or stagnant backwaters of Argentina and
surrounding areas.

    A setup for a wide variety of plants, fish and invertebrates. You can pick and choose what you want, but check for compatibility as their size and temperament all vary. This is a true Biotope.

Lago-de-salto on the Argentina and Uruguay border.

Laetacara dorsigera @John Wakabayashi
Sagattaria species
Sagattaria species


    A standard 40gal or 55 would be fine, or smaller if you stay with the smaller animals.
    The substrate should be sand or mud, if using sand enrich it with Laterite. There should be some driftwood as would be found in any stagnant pool, little or no rockwork. Here are some native plants that would be found in such an area.
  • Reed Schoenoplectus sp.
  • Saggitaria species
  • Echinodorus grandiflorum
  • Thypha sp.
  • Pontederia spp.
  • Egeria sp.
  • Elodea sp.
  • Ceratophyllum sp.
  • Pontederia spp.
  • Limnobium laevigatom
  • Pista statiotes
  • Salvinia sp.
  • Duckweeds
  • Eichhornia crassipes
  • Pontederia

    There should be little or no water movement and a small flow filter can be used. The lighting should be bright but not overly intense. Two standard full spectrum tubes will be sufficient.
Water Requirements
    Not too soft, pH around neutral temperature 10 - 30 degrees C with 25c being fine.
Fish and Invertebrates
    Most of the South American fish families would be represented in this biotope. This is a list of fish that would be appropriate for this geographical location. Remember not all these fish are compatible and research what you choose.

  • Cnesterodon decemmaculatus-Ten-spot Millionfish
  • Phalloceros caudimaculatus-Caudo
  • Cheirodon interruptus- a great fish!
  • Astyanax sp.
  • Australoheros facetus (Cichlasoma facetum) -a monster.
  • Laetacara dorsigera -Red-breasted Flag Cichlid
  • Jenynsia lineata -Brown stripped Livebearer
    small and mean!
    Catfish could include:
  • Corydoras paleatus -Peppered Cory
  • Ancistrus sp.
  • Pimelodella sp
  • Hypostomus commersoni -Beautiful when small grows very large.
    Native Invertebrates:
  • Shrimp from the Macrobrachium sp.
  • Palaemonetes argentinus
  • Ampullaria sp. snails
  • Biomphallaria spp. Snails
  • Aegla Crayfish

Peppered cory

    This biotope is based on the research and knowledge of Gustano Alcides Concheiro Perez I thank him for his contribution.

Laetacara dorsigera photo courtesy of John Wakabayashi





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