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Cichlid of the Month

Written by: Dan Colodney
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Beginning this month, (May 06 )I'll be writing an article on particular cichlids which I've worked with in the past or am currently keeping. I've been breeding Central and South American cichlids as well as some West African cichlids for over 30 years and thus, you can expect pretty extensive coverage.

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Common Name Scientific Name Origin
Jewel cichlid Hemichromis letourneauxi Tropical West Africa
Nichols' Mouthbrooder Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi Africa:Lake Ankoro and Upemba
Tanganyikan Shell Dwellers Lamprologus & Neolamprologus sp. Africa:at Lake Tanganyika
Large Spot, starry night cichlid Paratilapia bleekeri Madagascar
Salvin's Cichlid Cichlasoma salvini Southern Mexico
Yellow Meeki, Blackgullet Cichlid Thorichthys pasionis Mexico and Guatemala.
Curve-bar cichlid Cichlasoma cf. Herichthys labridens Mexico, Panuco River basin
Peacock Bass Cichla Temensis Northern Brazil and Venezuela
Flier cichlid Archocentrus centrarchus Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua
Zaire "Black face" Enantiopus melanogenys Moliro, Lake Tanganyika, Zaire
The Cichlids of Lake Nicaragua Lake Nicaragua





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