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Quick "at a glance" care sheets for many of the most commonly kept aquarium fish.

Freshwater inverts and animals
Common Name
Scientific Name
Xenopus laevis, etc.
Hymenochirus Sp.
Caridina multidentata (Caridina japonica)
Pomacea bridgesii
Anentome helena
Atyopsis moluccensis ?
Cherax quadricarinatus
Procambarus alleni
Neocaridina denticulata sinensis?
Neocaridina red?
Caridina sp. "Crystal Red"
Atyopsis moluccensis ?
Uca various
Procambarus alleni
Corbicula fluminea?
Palaeomonetes species
Viviparus malleattus
Melanoides tuberculata
Pomacea bridgesii
nerite sp?
Perisesarma bidens
Planorbis corneus/rubrum (various)
Palaemonetes paludosus
Asolene spixi
Attya gabonese
Atyopsis moluccensis ?


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If you think some of the information in the statistic is incorrect or missing and can provide us with additional or more accurate information about the fish species please contact us at Badman's Tropical Fish


Some photos are from the: Eyewitness Handbooks: Aquarium Fish; The visual guide to more than 500 marine and freshwater fish varieties, by Dick Mills.




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