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would like to id my 12 cichlids,we have photo's of them,would it be at all possible for me to up load photo's? so far I'm sure only about one pair whom we named mello and yellow,,,,they are Labidochromis Caeruleus. And maybe another pair whom we call Genghis and Kubla,,,they are I think!!Nimbochromis Venustus. Slim which is Pseudotropheus Elongatus. WE also have three two male and one female of peacocks...I really would like to verify what we think we have identified, the few left we haven't a clue. As much as I looked at photo's it's really hard to tell...but I think you know this already...we have a 55 gallon tank and we purchased them at a local fish place..they were about an inch and three quarters when we picked them out...they are now about three and a half inches,or at tad more,we have them from April 20th,2002.Iwould appreciate any help you can give us.

Thank you

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  I recently purchased this two fish at a small petshop here in chicago and they had no clue as to what the fish name was and I would apreciate your help in helping me id my fish, this fish is keept in a 65 gallon aquarium in freshwater ph level of about 6.8 and I feeed it algea disks which it likes a lot, its very peacefull and shy so I have a lot of live plants and hiding places, and it seems to do well in my tank but I would love to know its name and the proper way to care for this fish. I would apreciate any help on on thisand and any info you can give me,I am also including some pictures of my fish

Sincerely Zuri Bustos

















Your comments:

From: Jupes

  • #1 Sciaenochromis ahli
  • #2,3,4 Nimbochromis livingstonii
  • #5 need better pic
  • #6 Labidochromis caeruleus
  • #7 Maylandia zebra OB
  • #8 Labidochromis perlmutt
  • #9 Pseudotropheus saulosi or a hybrid thereo
  • f #10,11 Pseudotropheus crabro

From: Carole
I think #8 is a female flameback (pundamilia nyererei) I have a male and female that spawn and the female looks a whole lot like this one. The male is red from nose to tail on top with yellow mid body colour and blue/black bottom and black bars through out.
From: techmage
2, 3, and 4 kinda look like female (or non-breeding-color male) nimbochromis livingstonii(formerly classified haplichromis...or "haps"), might even be a venustus(they're the same genus and look similar). do any of 2, 3, or 4 follow 1 around? because he could be a male livingstonii that wants to breed (they actually change colors when they're "in the mood") I'd say 6 is definitely a labidachromis, they're pretty common in pet stores and sold as "electric yellows". 9 kinda looks like my psuedotropheus zebra, "napoleon". let me ask you, did you get these out of an "assorted" tank? certain cichlid species will mate with other cichlid species (as in...not their own species) and produce hybrid cichlids. a few good examples of this behavior are "African" flowerhorn cichlids (I cant remember what you crossbreed to get them) and "south American" blood parrot cichlids (the product of red devils or midas cichlids breeding with severums) most cichlid enthusiasts tend to shun hybrid type cichlids and may even get violent with you if have 'em. I figure if you have 'em and you like 'em....more power to you. From the look of things, whatever species' you ended up with is a nice blend of some beautiful african cichlids. good luck!

From: ED Shim
it looks like a blue acara for 9 but the stripes look a bit different

From: Glenn
=#6 is Labidochromis Yellow.#1 is Electric Blue Haplochromis

From: Joyce
OB zebra #7. Demasoni #9 (although a lot of other mbuna have similar markings). Labidochromis caerellus #6(yellow lab). Hap or Lake T fish # 1(Glenn may be correct. Others possibly mixed breed mbuna. If you buy Africans from a mixed tank you run the risk of getting hybrid fish. I'll try to locate my book and double check a couple.

From: G
It's hard to say what #1 is. I can name about 4 or 5 different blue africans that look almost identical. There are probably a few dozen blue haps...not to mention any possible hybrids. #2, 3, and 4 look kind of like a Nimbochromis livingstoni #4 and 5 are Labiodochromis caeruleus, or Yellow Labidochromis, or Electric Yellow something or the other. #10 and 11 are a bumble bee cichlid. I think it's a Pseudo. crabro #9 is probably a Pseudo. minutus. A demasoni is similar, but doesn't have as many bands (and I believe it has wider bands also).

From: Chris
#1, #2, and, #3 looks like either a nimbochromis polystigma or nimbochromis livingstonii (some of the larger malawi species). #10 and #11 is definately a pseudotropheus cabro also known as a Bumblebee cichlid.

From: Russ
#1, Paradise cichlid

From: Neil
#1 I think is one of the Livingstoni family it looks almost identicle to one of my chilids which is a Fuscoteniartis. they start out with light brown paterns then go to an electric blue colour.

From: Seven
#6 appear to be both male electric yellows.

From: Teri
#6 is definately a Labidochromis Yellow. #9 looks like a Big Sky - Pseudotropheus demasoni to be exact - if you want to get a good look at a one of these beauties, there's a great pic at:





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