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I received these photos from a reader and and he asked to help identify the fish I will add all the comments below the pictures. Please use this form to send in your opinions. You can also send me photos of any fish you would like help with as well

  I'm writing with hopes that maybe you can help. I've had this fish for about 3 years that I didn't know what it was. So I went searching and found your website. The only thing I've been able to find that looks like him is a Keyhole Cichlid, however according to everything I've read about them, they are not supposed to be aggressive. Well the one I have is very aggressive. He has the same markings as a keyhole excepts he stays dark and turn light only when he’s scared and that’s how I can see the markings better. I've had to put him in a tank by his self because he kills everything. Its a beautiful fish and will only let me pet the top of him and no one else.. I know that sound crazy however, anyone else he will bite. Which doesn't hurt cause he has no teeth. I want to know what this fish is. I mean he will try to attack through the glass when he sees you coming. Is there any fish similar to the keyhole that he could possibly match .I can send a picture if that would help...Please let me know..

Thank You So Much. Michelle




Your comments:

From: Jupes
Definitely a Green Severum. I've have several and from my experience the more grandiose the red pelvic fin, the more aggressive these guys are. This particular one has the biggest pelvic fin I've ever seen.

From: Andrew
Yep, definitely a severum, I kept a few about a year back and yes they can change colour etc. and that gets very confusing.
From: G
It's a severum....probably a Green severum. Scientific name: Heros efasciatus





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