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I received these photos from a reader and and he asked to help identify the fish I will add all the comments below the pictures. Please use this form to send in your opinions. You can also send me photos of any fish you would like help with as well

  No idea what he is. Markings like a Botia but he doesn't have a turned down mouth or barbels. He's about 6" long and I've had him for about 4 years. Gray and tan bands around him. He has a single large dorsal fin and another very small dorsal fin just in front of his tail, two ventral fins. He catches algae pellets as they fall through the water, spends his time under this bridge and throws gravel out with his nose and he excavates his "spot".

From Elizabeth






Your comments:

From: Michelle
It looks like a dark banded leporinus, but I could be wrong. Find more info on them here:





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