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 Hey Badman, I have had my Oscars now about 6 mos, since they were an inch about 8 " long in a 55 gallon tank, they seem very happy. I've searched all over the web trying to figure out if they are male/female. How do I really tell, whats the easiest way of sexing Oscars? Please reply. I also adopted a Jack dempsey 3.5" long ....he is now living with a convict cichlid, 1.5" long, Is that alright. Thank you for your help. Here are photos of Tiger Oscars.


  I recently purchased this two fish at a small petshop here in chicago and they had no clue as to what the fish name was and I would apreciate your help in helping me id my fish, this fish is keept in a 65 gallon aquarium in freshwater ph level of about 6.8 and I feeed it algea disks which it likes a lot, its very peacefull and shy so I have a lot of live plants and hiding places, and it seems to do well in my tank but I would love to know its name and the proper way to care for this fish. I would apreciate any help on on thisand and any info you can give me,I am also including some pictures of my fish

Sincerely Zuri Bustos







Your comments:

From: Chris
Hey I have to say that your Oscar's are very good looking fish as far telling what sex they are they maybe too young to say for sure as to what they are but I think by looking at them in the pictures that u may very well have a male and a female. But I'm only going by comparing them to my breeding pare from the looks of there lower fins just behind there gills. Since males fins there are normally longer and have more of a point where as the females are more broad and have a very little point but you can't really tell until they are about 18-24 months old. I have to say though just to keep watching and look for any aggressive behavior like lip lock or fin slaps cause that's a sign of breeding. But your fish look great and hopefully that will help you out a bit.

From: Jett
Well I've work at a pet store for some time now,and also have two of my own Tiger Oscars which are about a ft. long now, but it is quite hard to tell between male/female. Females tend to have a larger "blatter" area then a male would this is because they use this area to hold the eggs and also lay them!! Also your fish remind me of mine, they have beautiful coloration and they are a very nice size both sugesting good health..Well Done!
From: Randy
An easy way to sex them is to look at the pectoral fins. The male's will be longer and it looks to me from these photos that the one to the left is a male.
From: Web
It is very hard to tell what sex an oscar is. Try seeing if there is a noticeable difference between the two where the egg and semen tubes come out. The female would be a little bit bigger opening.

From: Ann
It looks like a female, but I feel it is still too soon to tell. My Oscars can be real chameleons until they are 3 or so yrs. old...

From: Omar
I cant sex them either but I just wanted to let you know that your O's are beautiful! They look very healthy & well taken care of. I'm an Oscar and Jack Dempsey lover.

From: Bhagyesh
Well, I am not sure for this one, but many people say that male Oscars and more "straighter" than females and the females are more round-bodeir than the males.





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