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I received these photos from a reader and and he asked to help identify the fish I will add all the comments below the pictures. Please use this form to send in your opinions. You can also send me photos of any fish you would like help with as well

 Hello I have 3 types of Synodontise's but am not sure of the names of them .They are one of my favorite fish . I was wondering if anyone out there new anything about them? thanks..Cassi











Your comments:

From: M J
First picture almost certain this is a Synodontis Schoutedeni Apart from the dorsal fin the main difference between this and the Eupterus is the markings in the tail,Schoutedeni's tail is more evenly coloured and spotty rather than the more distinctly banded tail of the Eupterus. The other pictures of a Synodontis Pleurops sometimes mistaken for the Alberti,but the Alberti lacks the lines on top and bottom of the tail also the big eye gives it away a little. The Pleurops can change shading of the skin drastically depending on colour of resting place.
Catfish number 3 is a Synodontis Eupterus also known as the Feather fin syno,very peaceful and grows to about 6". Catfish number 2 is a Synodontis Alberti,Normally peaceful but can disturb tankmates also grows to about 6". Catfish number 1 isn't a great picture so it could be either Synodontis Nigrita or Synodontis Schoutedeni.Both are generally peaceful but even though Schoutedeni is the smaller of the 2 at about 5 3/4" it tends to like alot more space. The Nigrita grows to about 7" and likes the company of other Syno's.





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