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I received these photos from a reader and and he asked to help identify the fish I will add all the comments below the pictures. Please use this form to send in your opinions. You can also send me photos of any fish you would like help with as well

 I've received many conflicting descriptions of this guy... everthing from alligator gar to some sort of needle fish. Looking for an idea of origin, size, etc






Your comments:

From: Travis
That is a Hujeta Gar (at least that's what it's called around here). the actual latin name has already been posted. it's definately not an arowana. look at the relative sizw of the scales, the spot and tail color, snout and eye size

From: Ryan
Don't Let anyone tell you otherwise what you have is a Ctenolucius Hujeta/Rocket Gar. The "Freshwater Barracudas" are referred to the family Acestrorhynchus (not what you have, I own Acestrorhynchus Falcirostris) . The Hujeta/Rocket Gar is a peaceful, predatory, piscivore that relishes live fishes over anything else. They do well in medium hard/soft water with the temperature range from 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
From: Gary
It is a Pike Characin (Ctenolucius Hujeta) I have four ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches. They are not rare at all, I'm living in Taiwan and every fish shop has them and they cost around US$1-2 each for a 4 inch specimen. My smallest one leapt out of the tank and died but the others are settled and do not jump out my uncovered tank. I keep them with my 2 African Tiger Fish, 3 Bala Sharks, 2 unknown barbs, and catfish. Mine also only eat live feeder fish.
From: David
This is a Ctenolucius Hujeta also known as a pike characin or slant nosed gar. The term "freshwater barracuda " is for Acestrorhynchus falcatus and Acestrorhynchus falcirostris. Great fish to own but mine will eat live only.
From: Rachel
This is a ctenolucius hujeta... no doubt about it. I've had several and you can't mistake those markings. There are a lot of fish with similar shapes and colors, but the ctenolucius hujeta is the only one I've ever seen with that black dot.
From: Amanda Christensen
This is a freshwater barracuda (ctenolucius hujeta, I believe). Mine is about 5 inches long and eats rosy minnows. I haven't been successful with dried food. I've read he needs aged water and great aeration, but is a jumper. Slightly acidic. I've also read that he is rare, but I bought mine for only 13 dollars. Very cool fish. Gets to be 9" or more and likes floating plants as he spends most of his time at the surface like a needlefish.
From: squeegee
Certainly does look like an Arowana But looks a bit young / pictures not really clear. Have a look at:
and see if your fish looks like these.

From: Chris
This is a haluta. they are in the same family as the halfbeaks. i've had them in the past and just bought another pair recently. full grown they are about 12" long.

From: Ron
Freshwater Barracuda, Hujeta, I have 3 of them. Good in groups. In Los Angeles, the fish suppliers call it a Hydro Gar. Go figure. It is not an Arowana!!! I have a silver arrowana as well. The larger FB loves the arrowana. Like pals or something. Really cool fish to keep.

From: Bill
Yes that is a FW barracuda,it is a Hujeta for sure ,I have 3 myself but mine are Acestrorhynchus falcatus .I have 2 red tailed and 1 yellow tailed. Here is a link to that fish
the link to mine is
From: Carl
This is a Ctenolucius Hujeta. I have see it called a Rocket Gar or Freshwater Barracuda, although it doesn't really resemble the other freshwater barracudas I have seen like the Acestrorhynchus Falcatus.





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