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I received these photos from a reader and and he asked to help identify the fish I will add all the comments below the pictures. Please use this form to send in your opinions. You can also send me photos of any fish you would like help with as well

  I have newly acquired a freshwater fish - the likes of which I have never seen before. I would be grateful for any information on this fish. Many thanks Mick




Your comments:

From: JoJo
Just to let you know, not only can these guys get large, they can live a loooong time! Mine is going on thirteen now! He has outlived tankmates several times over. He used to shoal with his best friends, two Bali sharks who managed to live to 7 and 9 respectively. I did not do anything special for him except allow his water to stay acidic quite by accident. He likes it best between 6.3 and 6.5. A sturdy top and no unsupervised opening is a must because they will jump out thru holes that seem impossible. Fortunately, once they get some size on them, they make a loud enough thud that you will know and can run catch them and put them back in. They also gulp air directly, so if it takes a little while they have a better chance. They like to do this occasionally while in the tank as well. Don't put any plants live or plastic in with them that you don't care whether they get destroyed either! I wholeheartedly agree with the assessment about being aggressive with each other. We got him a 'friend' about ten years ago and then had to get another tank for said friend when they began fighting nonstop. She lived for nine years herself! If you are not in it for the long haul, try another fish!

The fish is semi-proachalodus tienerus slightly different then flagtail which is semi- proachalodus insignias but as was stated to be kept together you need a large group they get better with size and they do get rather large over 10" I have 8 14"-8" pieces very colorful very beautiful fish,they are mainly vegetarian in the wild but will accept a large variety of feeds in captivity give them some spirlina flakes or tabs or pellets in their diet plus some tetra color bits and you will have fish with the most intense red fins you've ever seen. They also get a very large dorsal fin not as large as insignias but big good luck with this awsome fish
From: Cody
That's a flagtail prochilodus. I had one awhile ago. Prefers greens over meats but is an oppurtunistic feeder. They like the company of others and need atleast a 55g.
From: G
They seem to like the company of other fish, but not necessarily each other. From my experiences, they start to get aggressive with each other as they get larger (although they're generally fine with other fish). Unless you have a large group, you're probably almost better sticking with one. (For a large group I would probably say at least 6 or 7, everyone I know that's tried 4 or 5 has ended up with one...even in a (150).





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