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I received these photos from a reader and and he asked to help identify the fish I will add all the comments below the pictures. Please use this form to send in your opinions. You can also send me photos of any fish you would like help with as well

  I recently purchased this two fish at a small petshop here in chicago and they had no clue as to what the fish name was and I would apreciate your help in helping me id my fish, this fish is keept in a 65 gallon aquarium in freshwater ph level of about 6.8 and I feeed it algea disks which it likes a lot, its very peacefull and shy so I have a lot of live plants and hiding places, and it seems to do well in my tank but I would love to know its name and the proper way to care for this fish. I would apreciate any help on on thisand and any info you can give me,I am also including some pictures of my fish

Sincerely Zuri Bustos







Your comments:

From: Michelle
Definitely knight goby. You sex them buy the length of their dorsal fin. Males have long ones and females short. Yours looks female.

From: Heather S.
. Knight Goby, Stigmatogobius sadanunidio. More info -
Just do a search on the name and you should come up with a lot of info on it.
From: Cody
. It definitely is a Knight Goby. I have one. They need brackish water (at least 1 tbspn per gallon of salt) and like very hard water. They grow to about 3" and are not sexable.
From: mopedboy
. This fish looks like a Knight Goby (Stigmatogobius sadanunidio ) I was just looking at some today at my lfs. It should be kept in a brackish environment.
From: Bob S.
Dear Mr.Zuri
Just a comment; If when you purchased these fish and didn't know what kind they were how then did you assume they were going to fit into the balance of your tank environment? I think it was a very unwise and foolish decision in your part. When I decide to add anything to my tanks I make sure I have all my facts together but that's just me I guess. Sorry I needed to say that and I am glad they seem to be doing well in your tank it seems you luck out this time. And good luck on your search. SideShowBob out.
From: Tricia
I work at a pet store in the fish dept. and these look like Knight Gobys we have a few at my shop right now. Cute little guys.
From: Tubby
definitely a knight goby they are awesome fish I've had 6 for about 2 years. They like any kind of worms black,blood,tubiflux .And about the brackish water you should check with the shop you got him from and see if he was bread in brackish or fresh but a little salt wont hurt any way. They also like a high Ph about 7.2 to 7.8 any ways they are awesome little fish but if they are not fed lots they may go after the other tankmates fins.well good luck peace out.





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