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    I will list here all aquatic personal / professional home pages that I have found to be helpful, pleasing and informative. Each link will have a brief description of the page and any comments I have about it. Each link will be put in a category that best describes its content, some may be in more than one. Please visit them as everyone works hard on their page and are proud of their accomplishments. Please Use This Form if you would like to be added to this list. I try to stay ahead of the broken links and if you find one please use this bad link form to let me know. Thank you.




Aquatic Plants

    The aquarium plant superstore. Fast shipping, great service and even better prices.

AquaScaping World Forum and Magazine

    AquaScaping World is dedicated to the art of designing aquatic plants in planted aquariums. Our AquaScaping World Magazine offers aquascaping guides, tutorials and tips. Discover new inspirations on how to best aquascape your planted aquarium in our discussion forum and magazine.

The Planted Tank

    Contains information on sucessfully keeping a planted tank through my experiences. Contains information on lighting, co2, specific plants and more.

Tropical Plants Homepage.

    A great site, featuring all the information and pictures on aquatic plants.



Commercial sites

African NorthWest

    We sell tropical fresh water fish , reptiles , small animals , plants and dry goods.

    Lots of aquarium resources, picture gallery, fish quiz and more. Emphasizing on algae controlling and nutrient reduction as well as general aquarium maintenance.

Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food

    "Almost Natural" Tropical Fish Foods are offered by a true-blue tropical fish hobbyist for the other tropical fish hobbyists who would rather go the extra mile and feed their fish a top quality tropical fish food rather then lesser quality fish flakes.

Alpine fishery wholesale

    Wholesale tropical fish, pond fish, reptiles, crickets and live bait.

American Aquarium Products

    Innovative aquarium treatments, Via Aqua pumps, filters, UV Sterilizers, and fish food.


    You may or may not have heard heard of this company but I thought I would pass you the link to check out; I've raised all my fish on this food (I keep cichlids). It sinks pretty fast but is a much more substantial flake than the garden variety stuff you see in most stores. Just thought I would pass it along.

Aqua Occaz

    it's a webshop specialized in second hand and overstock aquariums and all aquatic products. We try to find overstock and second hand products to offer you the lowest prices.


    We stock a fantastic, huge range of quality aquariums and fish tank accessories and equipment, including Juwel Aquariums & Accessories, Reef One Biorbs & Biubes, Aquarium Filters and Filtration Media, Air Pumps, Water Treatments, Dry Fish Foods, Live & Frozen Fish Foods, Live Aquarium Plants and so much more in our Indoor Aquatics section.


    Imports and exports freshwater tropical fishes and aquatic plants worldwide. Products: koi, gold fish, discus fish, betta fish, Angel fish.

    Tropical fish, goldfish, koi, betta fish, fancy guppies, cichlids, aquarium plants, puffers, crabs, frogs and many other inhabitants of freshwater aquariums for Sale online and shipped directly to your door. This site also has lots of fish pictures and information about keeping, breeding, and caring for fish, preventing diseases, and curing sick fish.

Aquarium Fish Shop

    Aquarium fish shop allows users to browse an organised assortment of online aquarium fish auctions.

Aquarium Stand Plans

    Build your own aquarium cabinet and hood with our professional step-by-step plans.

Aquarium Store Tucson AZ

    Aquariums, Live Coral, Installation and Maintenance.

Aquarium Supply

    Aquarium supplies for your tropical fish, saltwater fish, reef aquarium, marine fish and saltwater aquarium. We carry filters, UV lights, Power Compact(PC) lights, decor, aquarium accessories and more. Quality aquarium products at exceptional prices.

Aqautic Plus Trading

    We are trading and exporter suppliy variety of freshwater tropical fish and aquatic plants for aquarium business like importer and wholesaler.

Aquatic Visions

    Aquatic Visions is based in Pennsylvania, and our many distributors nation wide is the reason we are the pet store of the future. To make this statement a true one we offer you an opportunity to make a hobby into a high profit Home Business. It is a pleasure to provide animal lovers with the service and education of the care and welfare of there new pets. And it is an equal pleasure to have you join our team in becoming the pet store of the future.

Armstrong's Aquarium

    For all your aquarium needs.. installation - designs - maintenance - and emergencies.

Bintang Samudra

    Ornamental saltwater fish supplier with high quality and competitive prices, just contact us to provide

Boardroom Aquatics

    Boardroom Aquatics, Inc. – Fort Myers, Florida We specialize in marine fish and invertebrates along with freshwater fish and plants. Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable, successful aquarium keeping experience. If you're not having fun you're not doing it right. Let us help you get it right .

Complete Aquatics

    Complete Aquatics offers a fantastic selection of Marine, Tropical, Cold Water & Pond Fish. We also have many accessories & equipment from all major brands such as Tetra, Rena, Interpet and more.

Custom Aquatic Aquarium Supplies

    Providing the widest selection of aquarium supplies for freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums. Fish tanks, UV Lighting, Metal Halide, Protein Skimmers, Pond Pumps, fish food, and heaters.

Custom Fish Tanks

    Acrylic custom aquariums. Also specialize in display cases and POP displays. Serving the Hamilton and Toronto area.

D&T Aquarium Supplies

    Aquarium supplies for marine, reef, saltwater, freshwater and ponds at discounted prices.

Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance

    Deep Sea Aquarium Maintenance provides professional reef and fish tank service for clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Just to name a few, we proudly serve the Southern California cities of Beverly Hills, Bell Air, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach, Manhattan Beach, Malibu, and Oceanside.

Everything Aqua

    One of the UK's leading pond and aquarium equipment and accessory suupliers! stocking pond pumps, aquarium filters, fish tanks and everything inbetween!

Fins, Gills & Scales

    We specialize in In Wall Aquarium Installation, Traditional Aquarium Set Ups and Aquarium Maintenance Service.


    Live Tropical Fish Shipped Directly to Your Door!
    Fish2U.Com is the Internet home of Quality Aquarium and Goldfish shipped directly to your home!

    Aquarium Fish Books, Posters and Software.

Fishkeeper Classifieds

    Free online fishkeeper classified advertising. Buy, Sell and Exchange fishkeeping livestock and equipment.

Flower Horn Resource Center

    A complete Flower Horn Fish / Luo Han resources with huge photo galleries, information on how to import and export fish, breeding and lots of Q&A / FAQ on behavior, diseases and techniques of care. One of the fastest growing Cichlid Hybrid site !!!


    Garfishindo is a exporter specialist from Indonesia, we supplies tropical freshwater fish with high quality, good conditions, and on time live delivery. We are supply brackish, rainbows, cichlids, loaches, carps, crab, catfishes, shrimp, snail, livebearers, rivulins, anabantids, ancient, crustacean, discus, etc.

Green Chapter Aquaria and Design

    A Singapore based Aquarium Design and Maintenance company. Also for trading of aquarium goods, huge acrylic tanks and selling of rare aquatic plants.

Hiatt Distributors Limited

    Welcome to HDL, manufacturers of aquarium and environmental products that are at the leading edge of water technology. HDL products will provide you with a safe, stable environment for your pets.
    A Taiwan fish hatchery and grower specializing in the production and supply of a large variety of freshwater ornamental, tropical, aquarium fish species for wholesale export, including Cichlids, Colored Parrots, Caridina Japonic and Red Cherry Shrimp. Member of OFI and TAA.


    iQuatics - Your Aquarium Lighting Specialists Innovative Aquarium Lighting Solutions - iQuatics have many years of experience in the production, distribution and support of aquarium lighting products

Kiss Your Fish!

    Aquarium maintenance and pond services with lots of free online advice.

Koi Paintings, Koi Sculpture, and Other Fine Art

    Featuring Watercolor Paintings of Koi Fish, Koi Wall Sculpture, and Other Fine Art from artist Shawn Vernon.

    Shopping site for all your beta fish needs ranging from aquariums, fish food, fish tank filters, aquarium light bulbs, fish tanks and more!

Oceanlife Aquatics

    UK based company specialising in bespoke aquarium designs for homes and businesses. Also includes, a blog with tips and advice on all things aquatic.

Orange County Reef Aquarium Supplies

    Online store offering a wide variety of aquarium supplies including saltwater, freshwater, and pond fish foods and accessories.

Pets Parade

    Aquatic Supplies -U.K aquatic online retailer, 1000's of products at discounted prices, also aquatic forum and help guides.

Pet Zone Tropical Fish

    Specializing in rare and hard to find tropical & exotic fish! Flowerhorns, Arowanas, Fancy Plecos, Cichlids, Oddballs, you name it we got it!

    Welcome to our aquarium store. we are the big dealer in China, we can get product from the manufacturer directly, so we sale it with a very low price. we promise the quality of our product. and if you not satisfy our product, return or money back. wholesale welcome you can get 10% or more discount!

Seamless curve glass aquarium

    The best fish tanks made availabe through new technology. Must see if you are a fish hobbyist.

Siamcrowntail Exporters

    We are one of the top breeders and exporter of Malawi,Discus,Flowerhorn and Livebearers in Thailand. if you really want to buy top quality fish at a good price, our prices beat the competitors. I can assure you will get the best quality compared to other exporters.

The Fish Works Website

    The Fish Works is located in Sydney, Australia, providing services and equipment for in/outdoor ponds and aquariums. We specialize in biological filtration.

The Hidden Reef

    Everything to do with Fish

Tropical FantaSeas Aquarium Store & Service

    Full service saltwater aquarium store and maintenance company

Tropical Fish Shop Germany | Zierfisch-Store

    Buy your tropical fish online on Zierfisch-Store - professional fish transport

ZeroEdge Aquarium Corp.

    The ZeroEdge™ Aquarium (patent pending) is perfect for clams and coral alike. The flawless design and oxygen-rich overflowing water magnify the beauty of the undersea world and provide the ultimate viewing experience. With no lids, support braces and a manageable depth this is the easiest aquarium you will ever have. The ZeroEdge is available in several sizes and can be custom designed to fit any interior.


Mail Order sources

    All of these companies offer a wide selection of pet products at a very good price. I have ordered from most of them and I have no problems to report.

Blue World Aquariums

    Online store offering the lowest prices on the best products. Free shipping and friendly personal service.

That Fish Place

    General supplies, My favorite.

Pet Warehouse

    General supplies and some live plant collections.

Seapets, the UK's leading online pet shop

    Pet products online for your dog, cat, fish, birds and all small pets and animals throughout the UK and Europe, worldwide too - Extensive aquarium and pond shop, aquarium supplies and pond products for clean healthy ponds too!. Seapets are the UK's leading online pet shop and pet store, for all of your pet supplies and accessories.

Steven Simpson Books

    Long established specialist booksellers and publishers' distributor. Main Sales Agent for FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations).

The Aquarium Shop Australia

    For all your Aquarium Products and Supplies!

Vivid aquariums

    E-store with comprehensive content and pictures for saltwater fish, live corals, live rock, and aquarium supplies.


Freshwater / Ponds / Aquatic related

Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilizer

    Information on why you should use uv sterilization in aquariums and ponds

Aquarist Fishkeeping Classifieds

    Advertise your aquariums, equipment and fish free of charge. View thousands of current adverts.

Fish Aquarium Accessories

    Complete Aquatics offers a fantastic selection of Marine, Tropical, Cold Water & Pond Fish. We also have many accessories & equipment from all major brands such as Tetra, Rena, Interpet and more.

Fish Pond Repair

    EPDM Liners, Pond leaks, Pond Repair. Pondpro2000 is a 100% liquid EPDM and 100% compatible to your EPDM pond liner sold in pond supply stores.

Flexible PVC Pipe is an online store that sells many different accessories for many different aquarium cleanings. Visit our site today and learn more about our inventory and how it can help you with your aquarium maintenance needs.

Green Thumb Water Garden Center

    Building indoor and outdoor water ponds since 1974. We sell a variety of types of Koi fish, Goldfish, and water garden supplies.

    Wholesale Maine lobsters and seafood. Buy live lobsters shipped with overnight delivery and also try our lobster gift certificate cards for personal and corporate lobster coupons.

Purely H2O

    Discount reverse osmosis ro/di systems for home drinking water and your aquarium, reef tank, and saltwater fish tank. We carry TDS Meters, PH meters, replacement filters, and other aquarium supplies


    Not directly aquarium related, but contains lots interesting items about marine life.

Tropical fish And Tanks

    Help and Adive on having tropical fish.

Yeak Wah Aquarium

    Specialist in Koi,Goldfish, Tropical fish & Aquatics plants. Worldwide shipment.


Reference sites


    An archive of articles for use by editors of printed aquarium club newsletters. Authors are invited to submit articles.

Aquarist Refuge is a web source for aquarium owners, both beginner and advanced. Looking to start your first aquarium? Read our resources. Interested in finding inspirational aquariums? Check out the videos or impressive aquariums. The blogs and articles also dig into both the good and bad in the world of aquarium setup and care.

FINNS; Fish Information Service

    This is the site to go to when your looking for help or just want to do a little research. The best on the web.

Master Index Of Freshwater Fishes

    A huge reference site with indexes to just about any freshwater articles written, also fish profiles and more!

Piedmont Plastics, Inc.

    Piedmont Plastics Online is a gateway to purchasing sheet, rod, tube, components, and films for a variety of Aquarium applications. With over thirty years in the plastics distribution industry, Piedmont Plastics brings unquestioned quality, selection and customer service to our customers. Piedmont carry’s the complete line of GE and Tremco Sealants used in a variety of Marine applications. We also provide LEXAN ® Polycarbonate and Acrylic Sheet in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Thiel Aquatech

    The most comprehensive saltwater site on the Internet, it covers all aspects of fishkeeping and also has the largest library on the mini reef. Information also about freshwater


Link sites and aquatic forums

Aquarium Information

    Aquarium (and pond) information, directories, and product links.

Aquarium Links Directory

    An aquarium Internet directory listing the best aquarium and tropical fish sites.

Aquarium Stand Plans

    Build your very own aquarium cabinet using diy aquarium stand plans with step by step instructions.

Aquatic Babble

    A place to learn about all things aquarium related.

Aquatic forums

    Home of the the largest DIY Plans Database on the net! Formaly KingVinnie's Aquaria Pages- A full source of information on aquaria, aquariums, fish and equipment. Forums, Fish/Plant/Coral Data, Tons of DIY Plans, Aquaria Links, FAQ's, & much much more!!

Fish Link Central

    The ultimate site for links devoted to the aquarium hobby, with a huge section devoted to personal home pages. SUBMIT YOUR SITE!

Juneau Alaska Fishing

    Experience Alaska like you have never seen it before with our exclusively designed Juneau Alaska whale watching and salmon fishing tour packages and trips that especially suits all your needs.

Living Reefs

    Friendly Reef Aquarium Discussion Forums

Pet Fish Directory

    Directory featuring sites and information on how to keep and care for pet fish.

Tropical Fish Find

    Find tropical fish retailers, breeders, importers, exporters, web stores, forums, clubs, fish facts, tropical fish compatibility and aquarium maintenance information.

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