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Brown hairy algae????

Badmans Tropical Fish Message Center: archive: Brown hairy algae????

dean steele

Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - 12:56 pm
i help maintain a tank in the senior partners office here. it is a 70 gallon tank that is not overcrowded. it had a very bad green algae problem and i suggested that we put in some plecos which we did (2 med. size, 3-4 inches) and they ate most of the green algae. now, all this brown stuff has sprung up (there was some but little before).. not sure if this is the "brown algae" that has been mentioned on this board. it is in clumps and looks hairy. attached to the glass, rocks and plants (does not discriminate). i was wondering if a lack of oxygen sometimes causes this because around the same time the airstone became clogged and then it broke. it is now only a six inch piece that is dribbling air bubbles.



Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - 02:42 pm
I hope you have more filtration in that 70 gallon than an airstone. I have a large aquaclear and an undergravel filter running on my 55 gallon. My 29 Gallon mbuna tank has no plecos and so far no algae, however I change water weekly and run three filters including a biowheel on the tank.



Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - 02:57 pm
I had the same problem. This algae is generally caused by a lack of light. It is probably concentrated in shady areas of the tank (e.g. under plants, sides of rocks, etc.). Get 3 or 4 Ottocinclus cats. They are small (1.5 inches each) so they won't affect your bio-load too much



Tuesday, June 26, 2001 - 06:42 pm
Dean this sounds like the same algae that we talked about on the other post. It is one of the hardest algaes to get rid of and is mostly caused by imbalance of water chemistry. If you have live plants in this tank, the algae is competing for the nutrients and it is winning. I can't remember exactly what was posted on the other message, but you can start there. Any more questions, let us know. I am certain that you have more than an airstone in this tank, but if not, then we need to discuss setting up some filtration for you.





Wednesday, June 27, 2001 - 09:53 am
Sorry I put this in here but for some reason, I couldn't start a new thread. How safe is silicone for the inside of an aquarium? It's 100% silicon rubber. I have water lettuce in my tank and have built a little "pen" for them using stiff air line tubing to make sure they stay out of the flow from my water filter (since they should stay dry) and to ensure they get enough light from my single flourescent light. I used the silicone to attach the tubes.



Wednesday, June 27, 2001 - 08:34 pm
CQ they sell silicone aquarium leak repair tubes in many LFS stores.It is a clear gel and very sticky stuff. If this is what you are refering to it's fine. If you bought it from the LFS store or pet shop I wouldn't worry about it being toxic.



Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 01:41 pm
I have a black hairy algae which grabs hold of anything & won`t let go,even the those tiny snails which come out of nowhere are covered in the stuff.I have pumps,airstones ( 2 undergravel pumps soon tobe going in )Any ideas folks.



Thursday, July 19, 2001 - 09:11 am
Steve if you have an algae problem you need to send more info. Size of tank, length of time you have it setup. Also use a test kit and send the water parameters ...nitrate ammonia etc. Also type of filters and how often you change the water.


jsopel (Jeff)

Friday, July 20, 2001 - 02:03 am
steve..this could get joyce said tell us about your tank..and are there any plants in there?..just a first thing to check..take your tank and tap water in for testing or if you have a kit.. test for iron levels..high levels may be a part of your should have less than 0.1ppm of detectable iron.. black brush algea is not a pretty thing to deal with...what do you have in there for algea eaters by the way?


Admiral G

Friday, July 20, 2001 - 02:29 am
Im not quite into the whole chemical warfare thing, so when i got my first algae outbreak(which never happened again) in my 29 gal tank i got four plecos and an algae eater. In my opinion the algae eater and the pleco are eqally useful until the plecoes get big and sluggish,and as long as you put them with aggressive fish the keep their mouths to themselves. You may say it was overkill, but at the time i didn't have any algae defense. So I think if you cant beat em, eatem. And if that doesnt work, eatem some more!



Friday, July 20, 2001 - 09:03 am
Admiral G. Although algae eaters will control algae plecos will not eat all types. Aquarium Fish mag just came out with part 2 on their great algae article. They mention the differnt types of fish for algae outbreak. I believe the flying fox was the one that ate red/black algae(Kick can probably verify my mag is at home and I know she is keeping up on this). Those plecos are great for the common green type, but won't touch some of the other kinds! Hate to have someone add a potentially large pleco and not have it solve their problem.Also the term 'algae eater' is erroneus in that is a handle used on a few very different fish! The pleco helped control my green stuff to so if you have a large tank they are fine.



Friday, July 20, 2001 - 09:11 am
I believe the flying fox was the siamese cro.... not the e.cro....Jeff can verify the name of the one that is aggresive and not the best choice. Also ottos are a lot smaller and than plecos. They cost me a lot less money there are lots of other algae eating fish that may suit an individuals tank and problem.



Friday, July 20, 2001 - 04:28 pm
ok..I do not have this super article that you are all talking about so I guess I don't qualify as an expert on algea..but can get lucky with other fish for the barbs and the florida flag fish..not to mention the ammano glass shrimp, ramshorn or MTS snails.. but heck watta I know...


dean steele

Tuesday, July 31, 2001 - 01:36 pm
ok, i am back. i appreciate all the input. the tank (70 gal) has an "eheim" external filter in the cabinet below. the "hairy stuff" is all over the place and the partner (one of my bosses) really wants to clean it up. this tank has been set up for years (he says he has not changed the water...ever). i have only been here for a year and everything was fine until the plecos ate the green stuff then the hairty stuff showed up. we have put the light on more and i am going to get the water chemistry checked. i have had fish tanks for years and never seen this so i am at a loss.



Tuesday, July 31, 2001 - 05:30 pm
Dean I am not the algae expert and Jeff could much better help with the problem, but he must still be moving. If it is true red/black alage (or thread algae)I would try the Siamensis Crosscheilus or flying fox/Siamese algae eater. The handle flying fox is sometimes used on another fish so be very careful which one you are buying. The E. kalopterus can be very aggressive and is not the one you want! Ditto for chinese algae eaters. All the name confusion is very misleading.


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