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    red thingys........

    Come on guys, I posted a message, but no one replied. my parrots' fins have become red. the base of the fins, the ones attatched to the bodies, have become bright red. at first i didnt take notice or ignored it thinking they were fighting with one another again, but now it's gotten worse and some of my other fish have died as a result of that. also, there's a slight red dot on the eye of one of my parots. the dorsal fin also has a red lining on the fins close to the body. for over a year, my fish havent been sick. now they have this. what is this disease and where did they get it? i do regular water changes.once to twice a month at 20%. how can i cure it. again, I"m all the way here in the pi and i'm not sure if all the meds you have there will be available here. could you give me some names that maybe my lps can hand me? also, how can i prevent this in the future?
    i've tried a few meds, here are some: FURASAN GOLD, FURA 3, TETRA FINROT or GENERAL TONIC, and one more but i cant remember the name of the last one. after using all that, nothing happened!!! its still there, and all my parrots are still doing the same.... eating like savages and still very active. please give me some insight on this. thanks....

  • If you are talking about Red Parrots, they are manmade hybrids between Red Devils and some other cichlid. They are usually sold as painted fish: pink, blue, and green are popular shades. Their real color is a blood orange/reddish shade, and I am assuming that what you are seeing is their "true colors shining through" to quote the song. Maybe it starts on the fins and extremities as the paint "wears" off. This always happens to painted fish, from what I understand. The meds probably are meaningless in this case.

  • yikes Knappy ....I forgot about this fish....but I though it was banned due to freak hybriding and anatomical disorders...

  • Thanks Knappy. Glad we don't have any here if that is true. We have too many painted tetras.

  • They probably should be banned, but here in Philly, they are everywhere. They are sold as community fish, but are really quite nasty. I must admit I bought three when I first started my tank, but I returned them a week later when I did some research. They are usually sold as "parrots", although most websites list them as Blood Parrots. They get to be a nice size eventually

  • sorry msan...guess we missed ya..and I will echo joyce and curt...parrot fish like saltwater?...we are kinda freshwater guys here but if I was gonna guess you have some kind of bacterial infection like fin rot with a secondary infection occuring...your medication regime sounds ok...try kanayn...nitrofura-G or penicillin may work...sorry for your frustration

  • I would really like to help, but I am not at all familar with 'parrots'. I have not seen them around here. You may want to check the Medication box on this site and try to identify the problem.There are some examples shown. A good general antibacterial med I use is Kancaysin, but it won't be effective for any parasitic diseases. My mbuna always eat like savages and are very healthy, so I'm not sure why you think that is a problem. How large is the tank you have? I would change the water more than twice a month especially if you keep putting meds in there. I think all those meds over a short period of time could be pretty hard on your fish.

  • I second joyce...when you say parrots, we don't know if you mean saltwater parrotfish, or some other freshwater fish....we need more specific info, including exactly what kind of fish, what kind of setup you have, and all water parameters that you are capable of taking readings on...then we can help you out.:)

  • well actually, they are fresh water parrrots. as for the painted thing, well, i do know what that means but no they were not painted. i have 2 colors of parrots, one is the blood parrot which is actually the lighter shade of red or the pale peach color. then there's the other one which they call the purple parrot which is the bright red one. I have both, so i know the difference. but, now, since all the meds I've tried, now even the very tip of the fins is turning bright red.... they look like dots of lights on the edges of the fins, dorsal fins.... pretty wierd, but like always they still have the same appetite. as for the meds, well what i did was place the med, then waited a week, changed 20% every other day, then waited another week before placing a new med. that way, i dont put too much med and mix all the meds too. i also try to give a breather for my fish so as not to shock them or leave them in water with only pure med. i might kill them with too much med in the water. dont want my fish to die because of all the meds i placed. theyre pretty large already too. in any case, i'll try first to see what disease is on this list, then ill get back here to see if anyone has any better ideas. if not, ill just have to leave them as is and see what happens. by the way, my tank is a hundered gallon tank, they are with 6 balas, 4 gouramis, (parrots are 6) and black ghosts. everyone else is fine.....
    thanks for your help guys.... but ill be back to check if there's anything else i missed. thanks alot....



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