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    Black algae

    I have a 5 month old 10 gallon fully cycled tank. 5 long-finned red serpae tetra, 2 albino cory, one live plant, and lots of snails.
    My question, I just noticed in the last few day a really thick black algae on a couple of the live plant leaves. The tank is
    located near a western facing window and hasn't caused any problem to date except now. Will taking it out of the window fix it. Is there
    a fish that will eat it that could fit in my tank? Should I remove the leaves that have it on them and then move tank? HELP??!!

  • It is hard to get rid of the agae with a 'fish' in the small tank that you have. Try to control the light. If it is facing a window that is a problem use blinds or curtains anything to cut it down to about 7hrs a day. Also do not use any phosphate based chemicals in your tank. These are typically your ph down chems. CHECK LABELS.Phosphate ill make your algae grow like crazy. Do frequent water changes (once a week) to cut down the nutrients/waste that feed the plant growth. Make sure you do not overfeed the fish. Plants can also use up nutrients that feed your algae.Once you have the problem under control you may add a few more and increase your light a bit from the 7 hours.The algae eaters sid listed may work for you the normal pleco gets way too big for a ten gallon tank.

  • Black algae can be a real problem. Especcial since you cannot scrap it off and very few fish will eat it. The only two fish that I know of that will eat the stuff are flying foxes and ottos. However saying that I have tried both fish and neither have worked for me. What I would advise is to get out all the leaves covered in the stuff and hope it stops spreading. If it keep spreading on the plant just take the whole thing out and get rid of it cause once it takes hold its a nightmare to get rid off. In the past people have advised me to tear the tank down clean everything and start again but I think this is a bit drastic. Hope this helps :o)

  • ok...well firstly...all the imput is great...take a look at the stuff..if it's on the plants and on the gravel and it looks dark green and slimy sheet like have blue-green algea or cyanobacteria..this stuff sucks big...I will pretty much garantee you won't get rid of it with standard algea thrives on low-zero nitrate envioronments and can fix it's own nitrogen...don't feel bad I had it too, and I really watch my if you confirm that is what you have...I will tell you how to get rid of it!!

  • Actually, it really looks black. It was attached to mostly the live plant that I had in there. Last night I removed the leaves that had any visible sign of the algae on them. I also removed a rock that I had in there that was starting to take on a black tinge to it. I stopped feeding them quite as much and got a hokey looking background scene to block out the sunlight hopefully. One of my problems is the feeding thing. I started overfeeding becuase I have two corys and lots of snails. I would put the shrimp pellets in but the snails would jump on the pellets before the corys would find them. So I ws putting a lot of flake food in so that I knew the corys were getting something to eat. Any suggestions on the algae or the corys?

  • hi eryn...BGA does look black and it's slimy and will grow over everything eventually and kill your plants...usually it will start somewhere then spread....between glass and gravel and then a carpet of blackness across the I said don't feel's from low nitrates and really dirty or really clean water..if you have only a few spots of the stuff first try this....remove the plants and soak them in a mild bleach solution( 1 part bleach to 19 parts water) 2-3 min soak then rinse...don't freak out it's quite safe...then get out everything that looks like it's got that slime on it like that rock...and do the same then scrub it off...then put a plant food stick (half a jobes) deep into substrate under the replanted plant...check your water for nitrates you want about see waht it's at then act accordingly....then wait it out...if that slime comes back....which it may....go out and buy some maracyn not maracyn 2(it's the erythromicin you need) not be afraid here....treat your's a ten right?..ok so half a tablet into your tank and bye bye algea in about 4-5 days...if you have questions ask...good luck...

  • Will the maracyn affect cory's if I have to go that route? Also any suggestions on feeding the corys. The pellets don't soften quick enough for the corys to eat them right away. Is there another food to feed them?

  • no they should be's a low single dose...and food for your corys inspite of what is said they don't eat fish waste...lotsa stuff you can feed them flakes,worms live of frozen tubiflex, blood worms,brine shrimp,vegies like blanched lettuce anyway just make sure the food makes it to the bottom and they are eating all of it before dumping more in...


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