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    energy consumption

    Help please! I live in California, and the cost of using electricity has become an issue for me. At one time I thought I had visited a site that provided information on calculating the energy consumption of an aquarium. Does anyone know of this site...or can you guide me in the calculations? Thanks in advance!

  • lynn you are right.. a study done by Pacific gas and electric stated that a 20 to 55 gal tank with the heater and pump filter @ 80 F can use anywhere between 475 -2600KWH per year...the big cost seems to be heating the water and ambient room a large tank can draw as much energy as 2 fridges!..hope this helps a little

  • Jeff, thank you for your remarks. Darn! I was afraid I was using more electricty than is politically correct on my tank! You've confirmed my worst fears. I have a 55 gal tank with a Magnum 350 and a Penguin 330 filters, and a 200 watt heater. The only good news is that I live in a very warm climate and the heater will be working at a minimum. Now I'd better look to see what I should unplug around the I really need a refrigerator? Yeah, gotta keep the worms cool...

  • Lynn..I love your sense of humor!!...and yep your are lucky you live in a warm climate!


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