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What to do while away on vacation....

Badmans Tropical Fish Message Center: General message area: What to do while away on vacation....


Tuesday, February 05, 2002 - 12:25 pm
I will be traveling for a week soon and was lucky enough to find a pet sitter to come in and take care of my fish on a daily basis. Has anyone used those feeding "tablets" for fish you can find at a lps? How do they work and do the fish actually use them?

Thanks for any info!



Tuesday, February 05, 2002 - 08:38 pm
I have never used them and I don't intend to. I have never heard anything good about 'vacation blocks' (I assume you're talking about the hard white blocks that are usually in the shape of a fish or something?) I heard that they contain plaster (!) and pollute the water. So please don't use them. How much does the pet sitter know about fish?



Tuesday, February 05, 2002 - 09:43 pm
Just put the feedings in a small sandwhich bag. You can set up individual portions and have the petsitter feed once per day. Either that or buy a digital automatic feeder, but they are pretty pricey!



Tuesday, February 05, 2002 - 09:52 pm
chris, I agree with Sierra on not using the feeding blocks. They do tend to foul the water,and just never felt them to be suitable for the fish.

Since you have found someone that will care for them while you are away, these feeder blocks would not be necessary anyway. If the sitter cannot feed every day, don't worry, the fish will be fine. If you want to make sure that your sitter does not overfeed, premeasure the food the sitter will be feeding, so there are no mistakes. Your fish probably will be okay going the entire week with no food, but if you are like me, the thought of them not getting to eat makes me weak, but since you do have a sitter, I think all will be well while you are away with the above tip.



Wednesday, February 06, 2002 - 09:48 am
Thank you everyone for your responses. I agree with the whole idea of the little block of plaster. I think it is an awful idea, but I always want to have a backup in case something happens with the sitter being unavailable.

I had intended to seperate each day's food rations in a baggie for the sitter. This way no matter what she does or how much she "thinks" they should eat, they'll get the correct proportions.

Some people think they are just fish, but they are as important to me as my dogs and cats. Thanks again.



Wednesday, February 06, 2002 - 06:09 pm
Hey Chris, you are so right about how people think that fish aren't as important as other pets. I think maybe people think that they don't have as many feelings and because they aren't cuddly and 'patable' people don't feel as close to them and can't empathise with them. Also people might just think they are ornaments.


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