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    help! pH problems

    I'm setting up a new 10 gallon tank and can't seem to get the ph to drop below 7.6. I've added LOTS of pH down, but the reading won't budge. I'd like to be at about 6.8 or so. Suggestions?

  • The ph of my tap water is 7.6 also. For the first two years I had fish I left it alone and I still have 2 red-eyed tetra that are 5 years old. The last three years they have been at a lower ph, but I quit putting chemicals in the tank when my algae went crazy on the phosphate. A little over a year ago I bought a reverse osmosis unit that does cost $100 plus to get my ph down. This is really the only effective method I have come acrosss.Even now I keep mine at 7.0. The only reason you need to bring it down is if you are breeding or keeping discus (which you really do not want to do very fussy). Even angels are being bred now at a higher ph, because they have adapted over the years to the hatchery ph. Ask your fish store if they lower the ph. Most of the ones here DO NOT so actually if they don't you may be shocking the fish more by moving them from the higher store ph to the lower ph. Anyways I think lowering ph is okay, but definately not for a begginner....unless you can do some serious reading on buffering etc. and spend some money. Reverse osmosis filters out around 90% of everything even some of the good minerals so it needs reconstituting or some tap added back to it. It gets tricky to mess with PH.

  • ah the gotta get my ph down questions...first..always ask yourself why?...mucking around with ph can be a frusrating the way what is your ph to start with?..anyway the ph down stuff may not be an effective way if your buffering capacity is strong(test your KH and GH)...furthermore if the ph down stuff has lotsa phosphates in it you will get if you if you want to bring it down there are ways to do that but test your water first then we can go from there with suggestions...

  • This is my initial ph reading. New tank, no fish yet. I read that the fish prefer a lower ph (I was going to start with some tetras) Should I not try to lower the ph? Is it really important? I don't have kits to test KH & GH, guess I'll need to pick some up. Would goldfish be a better starter fish for me as they prefer a higher ph? This is my first tank, and I really am without a clue, so I really apreciate all the help I can get.

  • If you are really concerned about the ph and fish a Betta is pretty tolerant of ph ranges(6.0-8.0) and a pretty fish. Tetras really like to be kept in groups to feel secure. A 10 gallon is pretty small to keep a group of tetra. If you pick the small ones like neon or cardinals they are not very hardy. I had more cardinals and neons die than any other fish I have kept in five years. Goldfish are actually pretty messy fish and you can't keep too many in a small tank because of that.You may check out platies they also like high ph and are very hardy and friendly fish.The only fish I ever had breed for me were my platies and I saved 2 from being eaten by the other fish.
    Some of the dwarf gouramis also like higher ph, but be careful 2 in a small tank may fight.Your cory cats also will not have problems with ph.White clouds also like a higher ph...but they must have cooler water, so you can't really mix them with other fish.

  • Ok..I got you now...I hope you have read all the begginer material on this site to help you get started...Then test your water like I said.. then all of us out here can offer suggestions on which way to go..alright...

  • Thanks all, for the advice. I have decided to leave the ph alone, rather than keep adding more chemicals. I adopted 3 multicolored platys this afternoon, and they appear to be acclimating well.....I'll keep you posted on their progress.


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