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    Cichlid Salts

    I am currently starting an African Cichlid tank. I have had the tank set up for about 3 weeks, but have not added any fish to the tank. I used gravel with some crushed coral and granite stones for decoration. My ph is at 8.6. I want to add cichlid salts to my tank, because the fish need some of the elements from the salt. The problem is that the salts also can raise the ph. I don't want to get my ph level any higher than it already is. I have tried to do water changes, but the ph goes right back to 8.6. What should I do?

  • If you are keeping Lake Malawi or Lake Victoria the PH is a little high. Lake T. is in a higher range and you may be okay for them. I bought some Seachem Malawi/Victoria buffer that I think was recommended on the Rift site from The buffer says 7.8-8.4 so you are not too far off.I would hold off on the salts for now until you get the ph under control. My tap is 7.6-7.8 . With the buffer I am about 8.2.I change water EVERY WEEK and about 30% on my Lake Malawi tank. Maybe two water changes per week would help control your ph level, since ph can rise after it is out of the tap for a day or so. Lake Malawi fish need lots of fresh water anyways. The crushed coral would increase your ph, so if you have a very high ph to begin with maybe you should be using less. I have had my Mbuna for 6 weeks and have not added salt yet.

  • PS There are carbonate salts in the I guess I really am.

  • matt..have you read the rift set-up on this site?..You may find all your answers there...


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