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Archived message board.

    big helpful tip

    As I read through alot of questions regarding disease and illness and what have you....I can't help to think of what we can do to help each other out and not get into the millon questions and super long posts...recently in a aquatics trade show many asked what is the best tip you could ever give someone regarding fishkeeping?.....what do you think that was?....well now we all have ideas come to mind but you know what it was?...and voted the best tip ever?....Keep a journal/log book!!!....girls are good at this ...many years of dear diary etc...they had the right idea....please if you can, make weekly notes of you fish ,your observations,your changes and tank parameters....the more you can look back on...the more you can give out when you ask questions, the more we as a group can first after you have started you journal/log book read through everything on this site that can maybe help....than post all the info you know....your observations. your thoughts and whatever you have done on your own...then present them to the board....then maybe we can help you out just a little more always just trying to help...

  • jeff keep up the disease answers not my best subject. Where is Curt? Also you are diagnosis is possible if specifics as to water parameters etc are not given. Saying my fish is sick or dead is not a lot of help!

  • thanks joyce...curt is working real hard on his exams...but he will be back..!


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