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    that's the point, i dont know....

    I noticed that my parrots' fins have become bright red. i mean it's red form the base of the fins. the fins themselves are fine. looks like its more swollen actually. its been red for quite some time. tried FURASAN GOLD here, but it didnt work. what couild it be? also, after a while, now the inner mouth seems to be going red. the fins are fine though, not torn or anything. but i noticed that one of my parrots nose has become white... what can i treat it with? what disease is it and how can i cure it? they're all doing well though, eating well, like nothing's wrong..... just wondering why the fins are bright red. where'd they get it too? i'm all the way here in the philippines, so i'm not sure if all the medicines you have there are available here, maybe you can recommend something similar or generic? a common med that's available everywhere. thanks.

  • kumusta na? hey, i finally found a person who is part of the hobby from the P.I.,thats where my family is from. Are you pinoy/pinay yourself?
    well, as for your parrots, i don't know how to treat it but i think it may be a bacterial infection. though since parrots are hybrids, it could be anything, if it goes away, it may be a pattern. i know my parrot has this thing that goes on once a month where it gets black spots all over and doesn't get affected by it.


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