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    Aquarium salt in fresh water

    The lady at the local pet store said that it was a good idea to put a teaspoon full of aquarium salt in during water changes to protect against disease. Is that true and what are some of the pros and cons. after using the salt it seemed to raise the ammonia in the tank. And how does this affect fish that are not used to salt

  • There is a great article on the pros and cons of salt use in the "Articles" section of the site. Check it out.

  • Good article. I like the vote. I noted the difference between Cichlid salt and regular for Africans. Also saw the great article on ick in case anyone ends up with that problem again.

  • ah..again thanks badman..forgot to check the articles....I have the utmost respect for pandora..And as I said lots of for and against...I do believe salt can have it's applications as mentioned in her article..there are some other practical uses as well I will just have to think in them to remember...I am sure the others will round out this topic...thank you

  • Oh is another controversial topic!!...Ok...before everyone starts throwing things at me...I hate LPS advise!! now my little opinion on salt...well as a prophylactic for stress OK..and maybe in initial setups but other than that is is not needed...not that it will hurt anything...salt is a disinfectant but really a lousy disease itself it won't harden or soften your water nor effect ph...if you want to use it about a TBS per 5 gals....

  • How many gallons? If you put a teaspoon in a 55gal it would be negligible. A teaspoon in a 5 gal may be a lot. I have also heard this, but don't think it's really necessary unless you have mollies or some other fish that like the salt. Chiclid salt for Africans is also okay. Some fish people use salt to treat disease, but I guess Curt could give you a better idea of the pros and cons.


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