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    Tetras and Ick

    Why are you not supposed to use malachite green in a tank with tetras in it? I have a tank with two sets of tetras(red finned and neons), zebra danios and two bala sharks. The sharks and neons all have ick, so I started to treat the tank and then at the bottom of the bottle of medicine in small print it said not to use on tetras. Opps I had already put some in the tank. Will my fish be OK?? Thanks alot.

  • Sometimes tetras and scaleless catfish can be sensitive to Malachite green just half your dosage for them and they should be OK.

  • I treated tetras with malachite green about 3-4 years ago and only had problems with a couple of neons that were severely infected anyway. The rest came through fine.

  • Thanks for the replies, the strange thing is... all of my fish ended up dying except for the red finned tetras! They still look great!! :-(


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