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    Does anyone know the life-span of Corydoras? I found one of my corys dead suddenly-- and there were no marks on him, no spots or fungus or bulging. I tested the water and there was no ammonia or nitrates-- all the other fish are active. He was fairly active; I can only think he lived out his life-span. I'd be interested to know if there are any other ideas of why he died so suddenly. He was large when I got him so I don't know how old it was. Still it made me curious to know how long I could expect to have a cory if I bought it new.

  • Hi shan... lots of species of corys but 6-7 yrs. is about right..sorry for your loss

  • I have some that are five years old. They are medium sized salt and pepper type. I am sure the small ones probably live at least that long too. Someone else may have some more exact info.


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