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    Suggestions for my new fish!

    Hey! I have 3 platys, 5 harlequin rasboras, 1 female betta, 3 cories, and a rubbernose pleco in my 29 gallon. I am trying to find an interesting fish that I can add to my tank. I am open to any suggestions, but I would rather a relatively easy fish to care for. I would be interested in possibly breeding as well. Also, I was thinking about getting three more cories, but the ones I have hide when I come near the tank. I was thinking that three more would make them feel more comfortable, but what if they all just hide? I want to see my fish! Is there another bottom feeder that I could get, or would three more cories be better? I have two julies and one metae. Thanks a lot for any help!

  • Cories are really fun in larger schools. Perhaps there's security in numbers as mine are usually pretty active and hang out in the front of the tank. You might try to get a couple more of the same variety. Although they seem to get along with other cory varieties, they really school and get active with their own kind. I have recently been keeping julii and axelrodi, the latter might be a bit hard to find, but they were cute as the dickens and very active.

  • Your platys should breed without any trouble, mine did. Be aware that your other fish including the parents may eat your fry. Swordtails would go well with your platys and have the same water parameters. They also breed easily...but will eat fry. Most bottom feeders I have had hide,it's their nature. They may come out more if your lighting is subdued .


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