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    Trying to keep the faith

    My algae problems in my 60 gallon tank have lessened over time, but are still present to a degree. I have been trying to follow the advice of the various experts here and not use any chemicals in my tank outside of stress coat and a PH buffer (yes, I know the buffer may contribute to the algae, etc.) Can the natural proponents out there give me specific reasons why not to use "Algae Destroyer" in a plant free tank? How do chemicals like this adversely affect the fish? There are so many chemicals already in tap water, it's tough to claim a "natural" water..,

  • You know Knappy I hear you..Algea plain sucks!...if you are doing all the right things like- waterchanges,filter and gravel cleaning limiting your phosphate and nitrate buildup in your tank...balancing your tank is real hard specially with every change you make...I know you don't like plants so that's OK..(they really do help though) sorry I am not pushing you...I am sure you have already reduced your light and time?...feeding less I hope?...yep algae eaters doing the best they can?....So what else is there right?..Well you are ready to throw in the towel against this stuff...let's talk algae destroyer!..Well I believe the active ingredient in that stuff is simazine...this stuff is effective against...unicellular and attached filimentous depends on the type of algae you have?....It works by being absorbed by the algae and plants...the gets into the photo and food production take several days to probably don't care much about the science so I won't go on ....As far as fish and plant sensitivity..well yes and no to both...some plants will be effected like swords,vals and recommended concentrations various fish seem OK...some catfish and minnows, rosy barbs and some cichlids don't like the stuff you be the's a last resort kinda way to go it you have tried and tried your best..hope this helps in your choice..

  • I agree with all the extra point...if your tank has a large amount of algae in it, and it all dies off at once, it can really wreak havoc on water quality...if you choose this path, keep an eye on the nitrates especially because the dead algae will add to all the other natural wastes and build up faster...the ammonia and nitrite shouldn't be a problem though as long as your filter is doing it's job well:)


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