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    White hair like stuff

    I see white hair like stuff growing on everything. What is it, the fish are eating it and getting very bloated but not showing symptoms of being sick they are eating fish food, playing, swimming well, and pooping a lot. Is this another form of algae.

  • Look under articles on Badman's board entitled 'Worms in my Tank' This is an excerpt from the article: If they are flattened and squat in body shape (but elongate as they move), then they are probably planaria (shown in a)... if they are thin, long and squirm back and forth, looking, as my friend described them "like wriggling white cat hairs", then you probably have nematodes (b). Sounds like NEMATODES. Follow the directions and cut feeding for 3 days. Also do some tank maintenance. Gravel vacuum and water change.

  • Please excuse me, IM new and paranoid. This stuff may be better explained as white jelly forming on everything. I hope this helps because I need help.

  • I have never heard of cotton fungus off the fish or being eaten by fish. What fish are in the tank. What plants and how large is the tank?Sometimes fish eggs look like a little like jelly...are you sure none of your fish had fry? Are there any snails in your tank? I could not find anything definitive in my books or magazines.

  • All right then...perhaps you have grindal worms...when the reproduce they create a slim layer that looks like jelly...are you using live food in your tank?..planaria sound like this too but usually stick to the water line on your say your fish are eating them?...and NOT getting sick?...

  • Maybe this will better describe the problem it looks like a very thick jelly like cobweb that has spread all along the bottom and up the glass. It is a 20 gal tank with 2 gouramis 2 dime size angels 1 algae eater 2 neons. I had 3 fancy guppys and traded them for 2 ghost shrimp. 2 weeks ago I ask the local store to give me a scope of gravel from an established healthy tank, and I must say in 5 days I had no more problem with ammonia or nitrite every thing stays at 0.

  • It sounds like stuff that I find on my air stones when I run my CO2 in my planted tanks. I have no idea what it is but it doesn't seem to bother the fish any. I have no snails either. I would do a tank cleaning. Scrub the tank walls, do the gravel and do a water change. Don't forget the decorations. Rose

  • After closer examination it seems that the jelly like substance felt like stress coat. I use stress coat and during a 20% water change I always use it and maybe just a tad extra. Well I read an article that states that you should not add stress coat to the water you add. Could my problem be a buildup of water conditioner.

  • I never had fish eat stress coat! I have used it in water changes when I forgot the chlorine remover and that never happened to me. You must have put a lot in there.

  • Well I did my water change and IM good to go for now maybe it will not come back. Thanks for trying to help,I really think you guys are doing a good thing

  • I've got something like this too.... but its mainly on the bottom and seems to grow in crevices on my lace rock.... I thought it was MOLD!!!! Its white, and hairy...kinda like the mold that grows on bread (but its not green). I just clean it up. Hummm Claude

  • well it could be hydras...too bad you couldn't collect it and put it under a microscope...but that would be me...curious and a bit nuts...

  • hey Rose now that you mention it I did get a new air stone just before the trouble started.


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