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    Algae Problem

    Recently I set up a 32gal fresh water tank. I do have about 24 small fishes including the rasboras, danios, barbs, tetras and couple of live bearers and an angel fish. I have four small plants there. The tank is filtered with RENA submerged filter 600L/h, and have two 61cm, 20watt full spectrum fluorescent lights(10-13hrs/day switched on). My question is I am seeing small green spots on my sides of tank and the water turns a little bit green even with partial water changes. My white gravel is also changing to green spots color( looks like rust) .Please any advice fellows? Solon

  • If you have 24 fish in your 32gal that is too many fish. Angel fish get to be about 5-6 inches alone. If I multiply 2" of fish times 24 I get 48 inches of fish. That doesn't include the larger angel and possibly sword? livebearer. This inch rule can be pushed a little if you had ALL neon tetras, but with your larger fish you definitely went over the limit. Also with all that light and nutrients and only small four plants I would expect an algae bloom. What kind of plants are they? 10-13 hrs seems a lot for only 4 small plants. Jeff can advise on the lighting requirements since he is the plant guy. Make sure you aren't adding phosphate to the tank in any chemical form and try to reduce the number of fish.

  • Green,green,green...water...old problem lots of ideas and methods....first take into consideration the stuff Joyce told you.. The green spots on your tank are normal just scrub them for the green water algae kinda bloom...usually caused by excess nutrients and too much light?....First drop down your nutrient levels and do a 50% water change....starving your tank from light will work if you turn off your lights and duct tape a blanket over it for about 4-5 days....choice 2..get daphnia...if you don't want them free in your tank you can drop them in a net style breeders trap then remove them after...choice 3 get a diatom filter like vortex or UV sterilizer...lastly the bad old chemicals like Acurel/F...but I always think about causes first then treatment....after it's all done drop your light time to 8hrs per day...if you want to talk plants we can revisit that topic later...have fun!


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