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    Fish baby sitting madness

    thought I would post this just so you could all learn and laugh at me...well the other day a friend begged me to baby-sit her fish while she was moving...I said...well ok...went over to see the tank..checked out her fish and water.. Everything seemed fine so I agreed...heck what could happen..she is a friend who need some help and you know me always trying to I dumped them into a spare planted tank that had only a few fish in it and went to bed..zzzzz night night fishies.....went to work next morning...didn't feed the fish...came home and my wife and little girl had this look on their little girl said "daddy I think there is a sharp tooth in your fish tank" oh my god!!...My beautiful hygro, Java fern and e-tennus...had been chopped to pieces by half a dozen rosy barbs!!...You would have thought they went mental...and I had rosey's before with no problems..later after a bottle of wine I laughed about it....just a story....go ahead laugh too!

  • Probably looked like the crypt in my 55 gal. Beware those Buenos Aires tetra they sure love to mow down the plants. Have to laugh at them though when they grab a cichlid food pellet and play tag!


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