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Archived message board.

    Could this be love?

    I have two sharks and one of them has suddenly got very large in the stomach area. Is itt haviong kids or is it just greedy

  • We really need more info. If stops eating there is a problem. I haven't kept sharks, so I am not really familiar with their breeding methods. Since I know they aren't live bearers I would be a little suspicious of a large stomach.

  • What kind of sharks? Size tank? We need to know everything about this set up so we can help you. Rose

  • It could be love. It could be dropsy. It could be a parasite. Or it could be obesity. Watch for "pineconing" of the scales, a sure sign of incurable dropsy. Watch for sluggishness, which is a sign of other disease factors. Bloating of the stomach is an early sign of dropsy though so from what you are telling us, that's what I would lean to. There is a possibility that it is gravid/carrying eggs but I would doubt it.

  • I found a little additional information on sharks. They can sometimes be a little greedy about food and have a large stomach. Don't panic unless you see any of the symptoms iboy listed. He may be just stuffing himself.

  • I have a 20l tank or 5,4 USA gallons. The sharks are silver black tailed sahrks and his scales seem fine and he is eating fine. Could it be kids? Thanks

  • But I really like my sharks though. They are only about 3-5 cm long. There are two of them though. Is there any thing I can do at all or do they have to go?

  • Anything is possible, but I doubt it. These fish lay eggs and I don't think their stomachs would bloat up much from holding eggs.Sometimes small fish (neons,cherry barbs)look a little puffy when they are holding eggs. This is usually not true of the larger ones.

  • Sounds like he's just fat. Like Joyce says, most fish, including these fish, are egg layers. They do not carry babies like livebearing fish do. keep an eye for any protruding scales though!

  • Is the swelling constant or do you see that sometimes the belly goes back to normal. I have two sharks, and they both do the same thing periodically. If eggs are being laid, I never see them, but I do see that when this is first noticed, they sometimes have a hard time swimming. Several hours later, the swelling is gone and they will be just fine. After watching these guys for a couple of years, I have decided that somehow air gets trapped, and once it is released, they are okay. If the swelling is constant then you might have a problem. You probably won't see any scales protruding as most catfish don't have them, but if the swelling remains constant, he has trouble swimming and is not doing well and not eating, then we would need to look into the above mentioned problems.


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