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    I was wanting a few (well, more then a few) shoaling fish to go in my tank to make it lok...well...attractive and to keep individual shoaling species I have company. The only thing is, do fish have to be of a certain species to shoal together e.g. neons only or blind cave fish only etc. or will any shoaling fish shoal together. Any info much appreciated.

  • hannah...shoaling fish will only shoal with others of the same species. I have on occasion had a fish of another species try to tag along with others, but this is an exception and rare. What size tank do you have and what kind of fish were you thinking about putting in it? curt

  • well, I have a 70gallon tank and I was thinking about neons, blind cave fish, etc. Really anything suitable for my tank with a non-agressive temperament. I had an idea that only one species would shoal from the books I've read but my friend (who keeps coldwater fishes) had decided she could put Shubunkins and other shoaling fishes together to make it like 'nice'. I thought it sounded a bit daft and really appreciate the given info. I can now correct my friend. Thanks again, Hannah.

  • If you are thinking on neons...cardinal tetras are really pretty...or harlequin rasboras...just be real picky when you pick them out to be sure they are healthy..

  • Thanks, advice taken. I'm kinda picky anyway though (heehee), not one of my best features you can imagine. Thanks again, Hannah.


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