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I have pulled all the aquarium related messages off the old board as well as finished threads from the current board. These links will take you to the question and responses that were posted. You may notice names in the post, these are the mainstay helpers of the board and I am sure you will see them in the active board area. If you can't find what you need here or in the FAQ section, please post to the Message board for quick results. I have tried to break them down into general subject areas.This search button will search only the archives and FAQs for quick results.



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Disease and Health

  1. First-Aid kit for fish
  2. platy lost appetite
  3. platy got appetite back!
  4. Oscar parasite
  5. Gouramis--Sick??
  6. ruby shark died cause unknown?
  7. Ragged fins/fungus
  8. Fungus??
  9. What causes a crooked spine?
  10. I have a sick betta
  1. Black spot?
  2. Which ick medicine?
  3. Fish with open wound
  4. Platy with Ick!!
  5. I have a fungus
  6. All Neon Tetras are dead
  7. Goldfish with large white spot
  8. Fin rot that won't go away
  9. "weird stuff in my tank" questions
  10. Quarantine . . . For how long?

  1. Torn fin
  2. Questions About Medications
  3. Black Spots
  4. Betta has white spot on eye
  5. Fuzzy fish
  6. Got the itches
  7. Sick Cory
  8. Ich, ghost shrimp, and live plants
  9. Neon tetra--ich?
  10. Cichlid question
  1. Sick krib
  2. Dying fish
  3. Why do feeder fish have so much diseases?
  4. Cory with fin rot
  5. Ick !!
  6. Platy problem
  7. Neon tetra looks bad
  8. Sick Raphael Catfish
  9. Sick Guppy
  10. Sick fish???




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