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  In this area I will show various fish ailments with links to products from the major manufactures. These links will show the product and provide specs for each one. I am not endorsing any product over another. If you would like to add your comment about any particular product please use the medication form found by clicking the comment button. There are other manufactures of treatments and you should not try to limit yourself to what you see here. This is intended as a guide only. Badman would like to thank the following for allowing him to use their information.

For help in identifying your particular disease or parasite please visit the "disease identification" section of the site. It has pictures of many of the common ailments we will come across.


water conditioning


New Set Up Adding water to a new aquarium
Maintenance Time for the bimonthly 25% water change
Tank water Low Evaporation
Treatment Water changes during and after medications
Cloudy water From excess waster or particulate matter
Green water Algae blooms





fungus picture

Clamped Fins Fins held close to body
Cloudy Eyes White or gray film over eyes
Fish Bloat (Dropsy) Fish bloated with protruding scales
Fungus Cottony growth on fin, mouth, tail or any part of body; Fish remain still on tank bottom
Gill Disease Gills may be swollen and pump fast; Slime may trail from gills; Fish swim in jerking motion
Pop Eye Eyes protrude from head
Red Streaks Red blood streaks or blotches on fins or body
Swim Bladder Disease Belly appears sunken; Fish are sluggish


Anchor Worms Tiny, threadlike worms hang from body of fish
Black Spot Disease Small, black specks on skin
Fish Lice Flat, disk-shapes slowly moving on skin and fins
Flukes Small red spots on skin and/or fins; Fish scrape on objects in tank, Gills hang partially open and pump fast
Gray/White Slime Appearance of Gray/white film on all or part of body
Hole-In-The-Head Disease Pin-sized holes or wounds in the head region
Ick (white spot) White, sugar-like crystals on fins and/or body of fish
Internal Parasites Fish are thin and listless; Loss of appetite; Pale, stringy feces
Neon Tetra Disease Color fades from blue line which may turn yellow
Shimmy Fish rock, shake and tremble while staying in one place
Velvet Skin or fins of fish appear dusty, with very fine spots in yellow or gray patches





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