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New Life Spectrum Premium Fish Foods

New Life Spectrum Premium Fish Foods


New Life Spectrum Premium Fish Foods A food specifically geared to enhance color and vitality that does not sacrifice good nutrition or add detrimental hormones. High quality, high density, nutritious, low-fat pellets. Available in a variety of formulas.





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From: LM
Variety: New Life Spectrumax Finicky Fish Formula
I have been using this special finicky fish formula for over a year. I keep a small variety of easy to keep freshwater fish. I purchased it because the finicky formula looked to have even better ingredients than the other formulas by New Life International, it is certainly more expensive. In all honesty, this is just another fish food. Yes, maybe the ingredients are better, but it doesn't perform as the advertising states. It does still contain the ingredient ethoxyquin which I do not like as it is a preservative. My fish like this stuff no better than any other fried food that I feed. It leaves a horrible smell of garlic about my tanks even with the best of maintenance and minimal feeding. It seems an unwise choice for my Betta because he doesn't seem to digest these pellets terribly well and seems to constipate him. I will be giving the rest of it to my outdoor plants as fertilizer. I will not purchase this again.
From: Killi Henry
Lots of buzz and hype about this food. I've been using it for about a year and my experience is that it's a very high quality food with good colour enhancing effects and keeps fish as healthy than any other dried/pellet food I've ever used. It has become my "staple" dry food. It's not a miracle food like some NLS fans will have you believe but it's colour enhancement is quite good, about the same as spirulina. My fish eat it as eagerly as any other pellet and it seems to be very digestible. I use Thera-A Antiparasite and Small Fish Formula. I still require live foods to condition my killies for breeding and I'm skeptical about that claim that Thera-A alone will treat Ich (haven't had ich in my tanks for years though so who knows).
From: Ian Machael
The best fish food money can buy. Finally a product that truly work, and I am not the only one that experience this. These are some comments from other hobbyists as well.
From: Carrie N.
Obviously premium ingredients in the product which assist in proper digestion for goldfish however, the pellets have impacted two of my exotic goldfish which almost killed them. After soaking the pellets for nearly 30 minutes in a cup of water for test trials, they remained completely intact but still very hard after slicing with a knife. I guess this is why the manufacturer states that these pellets can last in the water for hours without disintigrating! On the contrary, I know hobbyist's who love the product for other types of fish, but it's not something I would recommend to other goldfish hobbyists unless the pellets can be made smaller and softer to meet the dietary needs all types and sizes of goldfish.
From: Luciano Pavo
My experience with New Life Spectrum Fish Food can be sum up in one word. "WOW!" weather tropical fish, goldfish, marine fish. They all do well, the color, health, growth, to say the least is spectacular, in my 18 years of keeping fish, I have not seen any thing like this. I feed all my fish exclusively as the label suggested. Every should try and I will be amaze by the result.





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