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Kordon Products

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The addition of KORDON'S AmQuel® to aquarium or pond water quickly removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines and is equally effective in both fresh or salt water. AmQuel removes ammonia by combining with the ammonia molecule and producing a third, harmless molecule. Because AmQuel makes this part of the nitrogen cycle non-toxic, it is less stressful to the aquarium or pond inhabitants, especially in salt water. The nitrifying bacteria consume this non-toxic molecule as they would an ammonia molecule and the nitrogen cycle proceeds unimpeded. AmQuel also removes chlorine without the use of sodium thiosulfate, the only aquarium water conditioner to do so. AmQuel is nontoxic to all aquarium inhabitants or biological filters as well as humans and pets. Over dosing 2 or 3 times the normal dose will not harm fishes, plants or invertebrates. AmQuel can safely be added to existing saltwater or freshwater aquariums or to new water being used for water changes. AmQuel is available as an easy-to-use liquid or a dry buffered powder. AmQuel is the only ammonia-remover which is non-toxic and stable.




AmQuel is available in the following types and sizes:

 Item No.




 1/4 fl. oz. (liquid)  plastic pouch- treats up to 20 gallons, 72 per tub


 1/4 fl. oz. (liquid)  plastic pouch - treats up to 20 gallons, 144 bulk


 1 fl. oz. (liquid)  bottle - treats 60 gallons


 4 fl. oz. (liquid)  bottle - treats 240 gallons


 8 fl. oz. (liquid)  bottle - treats 480 gallons


 16 fl. oz. (liquid)  bottle - treats 960 gallons


 1 gallon (liquid)  jug, treats 7,693 gallons


 5 gallon (liquid)  treats 38,468 gallons


 1 Kg (2.2 lbs.) powder  treats 31,348 liters ( 8,282 gallons)


 5 Kg (11 lbs.) powder  treats 156,740 liters ( 41,410 gallons)


Your comments:

From: Steve
Excellent product, after using it I don't desire to use anything else. I had set up a breeding tank and some medications wiped out the new bio filtration, after that, ammonia levels started climbing I am convinced Amquel saved the surviving fish, I have since moved her back to a good tank until the tank cycles again. During the Persian new year it is a tradition to have gold fish, I feel so bad for the little fellows, 1000's are sold!, anyhow, I moved 4 to one container and 2 to another, they were both given the same water, the one with 4 had Amquel, the other did not, after a week the pair without Amquel had died whereas the 4 crowded ones are doing well. The pair without Amquel even had a larger container! If you are not using Amquel you should, if it cost a few cents more it is well worth it. Amquel seems to do just what it claims, removes chlorine and alters residual and ambient ammonia to a non-toxic compound, does not alter pH, and has no funky additives such as Aloe Vera or the likes. (Why would you want to give your fish Aloe Vera? unlike mammals they already have a skin coating)





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