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Here are some of the products that are popular in today's market. If you use a product that you are happy (or unhappy) with, please fill out the product form and I will add it to the list and highlight the product.

Manufacturer's write up

American Aquarium Products & Supply™

No longer made, click link for alternatives.

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Available Sizes:  3/4 oz. dropper bottle
APPro Professional Series: 4 oz. ~ 16 oz. ~ 32 oz. ~ 1 gallon
Aquari Sol
  • Preventative treatment and cure for mild Ick and protozoan parasites
  • Ideal for Freshwater aquariums
  • Effective treatment for "closed fins"; "body fungus"; "velvet" and ""sluggishness"
  • Is a highly effective net-dip
  • Does not harm fish.  There is no tolerance buildup against Aquari Sol by fish

Aquari-Sol is proclaimed by fish hobbyists world-wide as the most effective preventative treatment against Ick.

Ick (Ichthyophtoirius Mulfifilis) are small ciliate protozoan cysts that look like sugar or salt granules.  As these cysts mature, they fall off the fish and then divide into thousands of trophonts (like spores) that can populate your tank and attach all the other fish in your tank.

Aquari Sol can be used to cure outbreaks of Ick (though Quick Cure is recommended).  Once cured, Aquari Sol is an excellent preventative treatment that won't harm fish or aquarium plants.  Use Aquari Sol weekly and whenever new fish are added to your aquarium.

Your Reviews:

From: Mario_Z
My zebra danio had a deep red spot on his gill that grew over a few days, and it had what looked like fungus growing on his back. Color was pale, fins were clamped. Just unhappy. Well...Aquari-Sol cured him. That's the good news. The bad news is that it killed 75% of my cabomba plants, and took out 2 tiger barbs. Aquari-Sol is copper salt, so I shouldn't have believed the "safe for plants" reassurance. I'm still mystified as to why the fish died, but I used the meds for 2 days and lost a fish each day following the use of the med. So I attribute it to the medication. *USE ONLY WITH UNPLANTED TANKS* Do research for it being a fish killer. I'm still boggled...
From: Ken R.
MI use it once a week on all my tank and I don't see any problem with any of my fish and I have about 2800 it is a very good product also should be used by anyone who has feeder fish




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