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Cascade Canister Filter
Cascade™ Canister Filters

Combining all the Features of the Most Popular Canisters in a Sturdy, Simple-to-Use Filter... at a Very Affordable price!


CCF1UL Cascade 500 - up to 30 Gallon
CCF2UL Cascade 700 - up to 65 Gallon
CCF3UL Cascade 1000 - up to 100 Gallon
CCF4UL Cascade 1200 - up to 150 Gallon
CCF5UL Cascade 1500 - up to 200 Gallon
CCF7A 7-Piece Pre-Pack Assortment - Contains:
2 - Cascade 700
2 - Cascade 1000

2 - Cascade 1200
1 - Cascade 1500





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From: Rodney Lewis
Date: 08/23/2007
Great product with a large area for filter medium. Easy to install, and their pricing is very competitive with like cannister filters. The one negative I see, it is hard to get the initial siphon started.





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