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Here are some of the products that are popular in toady's market. If you use a product that you are happy (or unhappy) with, please fill out the product form and I will add it to the list.

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Manufacturer's write up

JUWEL® Aquarium

Juwel Rekord 120 Aquarium

Juwel Rekord 120LTR Aquarium

The Rekord range is simplicity in its own field, enabling fishkeepers old and new to experience the best Juwel Aquarium facilities.

  • Volume: approx. 120 litres
  • Light System with 1 x 25 W tube
  • Juwel Filter System: Compact H
  • Colour: Black or Beech
  • Fish Tank Size: 101L x 46H x 31W cm
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 101L x 73H x 31W cm



Hood supplied with aquarium: Monolux 100 - The complete lighting hood for all aquariums measuring 100 x 30 cm. Like all Juwel Lighting Systems the Monolux 100 is waterproof. The Monolux 100 features a 25W light tube and, to double its light output, a built - in reflector. This is sufficient to maintain aquarium plants even in higher tanks. The Monolux 100 lighting hood is standard feature for our highly successful Rekord 120 aquarium. Please observe the recommendations in our instruction manual to ensure that the lighting hood continues to be waterproof. Changing the tubes and eventually the reflector regularly ensures good lighting conditions at all times.

Heater supplied with aquarium: The automatic heater from Juwel for 100 W. This heater system is fully equipped with special holders for the Juwel Filter System as well as for positioning at the aquarium glass panel. The 100W heater is particularly good for aquariums with a volume of up to 150 litres considering room temperature measures approximately 18 ° Celsius. If your aquarium is bigger we recommend the use of a more powerful heater.

Filter supplied with aquarium: 3 Litres Bio Power! The biggest Bio Internal Filtersystem in its class. And as is typical for Juwel: This highly efficient and easy to maintain filtersystem is as complete as it can be: - equipped with a powerful pump for ca. 400 litres/hour - equipped with an automatic heater with 100W - all filter media in the the most practical filter basket: - Poly Pads for the large dirt particles - Active Carbon Sponge to extract chemical impurities from the water - coarse and fine filter sponges housing the bacteria cultures to effectively clean the water. Please observe our maintenance recommendations to get best filtration results at all times from the filter system.


Your comments:

From: Mark
The all-in-one kit is a large aquarium (approx. 40 inches long, 15 wide and 12 deep) which comes with an in-built filter/pump, and light and hood. I have found that it is good value considering all else on the market, and is relatively easy to clean, provided you don't mind getting your hands wet. We have had the tank for 5 years now and it has been home to a Ghost Koi who, although a messy so and so, seems perfectly happy I there. I have added undergravel filtration and several extra powerheads, as the flow seems low from the pump supplied. This is the only real drawback to this aquarium from what I can tell, and would reccommend the Rekord 120 to any coldwater fish keepers.





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