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small world pump and filter



    Tubing and adjustable air valve. Fits ALL small aquariums!

    Contains 1 each:

    • Smallworld Filter (SWF1),
    • Filtration Unit (SWF1C),
    • Precision Air Pump,
    • Airline Tubing

    Cat. #: SWK1






Your comments:

From: Adam
Review of Penn Plax SWF1C - replacement filters. These definitely work better than not having a filter at all. Especially in limited spaces or very small tanks. Only problem I see is cost/value ratio with this system. I have a small 1 gallon triangular tank for my 5 year old son, just of ease of maintenance and space. However the underground filter fills up quickly and this add on filter helps delay the monthly required tank water change out a few weeks. At $6.00USD for two cartridges, it may sound cheap, but when they fill up with crud within 3 weeks, it starts to add up quickly.
From: Kind to bettas
Most people keep bettas in fish bowl with no aeration. There is nothing particularly wrong with that because they can take oxygen off the surface of the air but, just because a fish can do that doesn't mean he should be forced to do that to survive. I purchased a kit at petco for 17$(us) that included pump, filter unit and tubing. I put this in with my betta and he is constantly exploring all levels of the bowl . not just the top like most peoples' I've seen. It also cuts way back on the maintenance I need to perform.
From: Liz
Recently I bought a PEN-PLAX sall world pump and filter kit, asnd I must say, my oranda and loach aqariam has never looked so good. and also because I don't have a proper light for it, and its only a small tank, i'v been using anormal desklamp from B&Q and that works brilliantly! but i do want a proper lamp so if any one knows a good one get in touch!





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